Yesware Pricing Review 2022

Despite there being tons of new ways for digital communication, emails are still considered the most important tool when it comes to digital marketing.

When you need to find clients online, you can use many methods, but getting to know users’ email addresses is every digital marketing campaign’s main goal.

In this YesWare review, we’ll find out about a tool that allows you to run successful email campaigns.

Yesware, however, is even more powerful than this because it has some important features that can ease your process for finding clients, scheduling meetings, and keeping track of your campaigns.

Keep on reading to find out anything you need to about the YesWare email marketing tool!

Yesware Pricing Review
Yesware Pricing Review


SEO Tool NameYesware
Plan Start From$12 per user per month
Key FeaturesEmail Tracking, Email Templates, Prospecting Campaigns, Meeting Schedule
WebsiteClick Here

Yesware Review – what It Yesware?

Yesware Review - what It Yesware
Yesware Review – what It Yesware

First of all, YesWare isn’t properly a software or a program: from a technical point of view, it is an extension and it is compatible with Gmail and Office 365.

It’s a toolkit that includes everything a professional would need to manage their emails whether it is an email marketing campaign or a newsletter.

Being an extension, you don’t need to switch between your email manager and Yesware: you can use Yesware within Gmail or Office 365.

All professional that uses emails for promotional or managerial purposes can exploit Yesware features.

With Yesware, you can create emails, follow their performances, gather analytics, and even sync the tool with your calendar to automatically schedule meetings, appointments, or similar.

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Why Choose Yesware?

As we’ve already mentioned in this YesWare review, this tool works as an extension and this is one of the main reasons why you should choose it.

Every other email managing tool is independent software that you can use alongside your email management platform (like, for example, Google).

The only limitation is that it is only compatible with Gmail and Microsoft Office 365; however, these are the most used email platform in the entire world.

The vast majority of people using emails to communicate have a Gmail account.

YesWare becomes particularly important if your run email marketing campaigns.

In this case, the data it can provide can help you boost the success of your campaign because it lets you know many details of your emails are performing: whether users open them or not; if they open them, whether or not they click on the link you provide if they open the attachments and so on. Yesware also lets you know when all these things happen!

You can use all this information to optimize your emails under all points of view and enhance your chance of turning email messages into conversions.

Yesware Review – Plans & Pricing

Yesware Review - Plans & Pricing
Yesware Review – Plans & Pricing

YesWare offers some different plans at different prices. This makes this platform extremely scalable: you start with the cheapest plan and scale on to the more expensive ones as your business grows.

The different plans unlock more and more features:

  • The basic plan allows you to get real-time email tracking, use the templates, exploit the analytics and scheduling. It costs $12 per user per month;
  • To unlock more templates, use team permissions, central billing, and get the campaign management feature you can pass on to the Premium plan which costs $25 per user per month.
  • The enterprise plan is the most expensive and it unlocks all the features that YesWare can provide. It costs $55 per user per month.

In addition to these three plans, YesWare also provides a free set of tools. It’s a limited set, of course, but – unlike a free trial – you’ll be able to use it forever. If your profit increases, you can move on to the paid plans.

Yesware Review – Pros & Cons


  • It’s one of the easiest and best performing email tracking tools available
  • It provides templates to create emails with a professional look and content.
  • Templates are also useful to save time
  • Other than an email campaign manager, this is also a business management tool for professionals and freelancers.


  • It’s only compatible with Gmail and Outlook

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YeswareReview – Features

Email Tracking

With YesWare, you can track what your subscribers do with your emails. That is, you can see if and when they open your emails, click on links or open attachments.

All these data are provided in a real-time feed that is super easy to read and compare between one another.

Email Templates

To help you boost your email campaigns, YesWare provides hundreds of templates that you can use to create your emails.

They have a professional look, and they can also help you boost your creativity when it comes to coming up with campaign ideas.

Templates are very helpful for beginners, and they can make the work easier and quicker even for professionals.

Meeting Schedule

With YesWare you can even manage your meetings. Instead of spending tons of time speaking with your clients and finding accommodation, you can simply send them a link to your calendar and let them pick an available day and time. Your calendar will be automatically updated.

Prospecting Campaigns

There are tons of automatic features that help you build up your campaigns, share them with your collaborators, and so on.


As you certainly know already, monitoring how your campaigns are going, or have gone, is extremely important to understand what works and what doesn’t, how to improve your campaigns, keep on exploiting a winning campaign or close failing one.

With YesWare, you can easily track the performances of your email campaigns without using a third software.


Integrations are always important because they allow you to link a platform with another and merge the data from both automatically.

YesWare provides integrations with LinkedIn and other platforms to boost your chances of finding clients online.

YesWare Review – Customer Service Efficiency

Yesware provides support to their customers through a Help Center available on their website.

Here, you can both consult tons of support materials, and you can also contact the support team by email or phone.

Support Material

The support material includes tutorials, faq sections, and more. It is organized so that you can easily find out what you need or discover new features.

The main distinction is between Gmail and Outlook users. You can click on the platform you use and keep on narrowing the field until you find out what you need.

However, there is also a search bar that can help you find the content you need.

Support Team

There is also a support team available ready to help you with any issue. You can contact them by email at [email protected].

However, the Premium and Enterprise users also have the option of contacting the team support by phone at 1.855 (available from Monday to Friday, from 9a to 5p ET).

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YesWare Review – The Final Verdict

Yesware is a powerful tool that can help all professionals that use emails to find new clients and contact the old ones.

With this tool you can run campaigns, you can manage newsletters, or manage a professional or freelancing business.

The basic plan is extremely cheap so that any beginner can boost their business’ possibilities of success by implementing professional tools in their workflow.

The fact that it’s an extension is a huge “pro” because it doesn’t require changing your habits, or using two platforms: you can keep on using Gmail or Outlook, but with Yesware you’ll be adding features to it and increasing the power of your emails and emails campaigns.

YesWare Review – FAQ

Is Yesware only an email marketing campaigns manager?

As you’ve probably already gotten through this YesWare review, this tool is more than a campaign manager.

Any business that uses emails to get to their clients can use this tool. The premium and enterprise plans, in particular, can be used to run your professional business.

You can manage your bills and invoices, schedule your appointments and meeting, organize the work with your team, and more…

Can I use Yesware with every email account?

Yesware is compatible with Office 365 and Gmail. If you have a Gmail account, you don’t have any issues.

If you use accounts different from Gmail (for example, an iCloud account) you can try to sync that account in Outlook (that is included in the Office 365 package).

If everything goes well, you can use Yesware this way. However, the easier way to exploit the Yesware features is with Gmail.

Is Yesware hard to use?

Yesware is particularly known for being extremely easy to use. This is one of the reasons behind its success.

Despite being an extremely advanced tool, all the features are very intuitive.

The templates make it easy for anyone to create professional emails and the fact that is an extension makes things even easier.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

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