Wordstream Pricing Review 2022

As you may know, online marketing is key for the success of any business – and not only online ones.

For this reason, we’d like to provide you here with our Wordstream review.

Wordstream is a powerful online marketing software tool that allows you to manage your campaigns and monitor your results.

In a world that is more and more aware of the importance of digital marketing, and where online marketing tools are becoming more and more expensive, Wordstream is a great and affordable opportunity for beginners and small businesses.

Let’s find out why in our Wordstream review.

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Wordstream Pricing Review
Wordstream Pricing Review


SEO Tool NameWordstream
Plan Start FromStarting$49 Per Month
Key FeaturesGoogle AdWords Optimization, Duplicates, Ad Optimization, Bid Management, Querystream, Negative Keywords, Ad editing
WebsiteClick Here

Wordstream – what it is?

Wordstream - what it is?
Wordstream – what it is?

Wordstream is a simple but powerful software that beginners or small businesses can utilize to optimize their digital marketing campaigns.

In particular, this tool is made with a particular focus on advertising campaigns. 

Wordstream is made to master both of the main aspects of an online advertising campaign: managing and monitoring.

On one side, it lets you understand how to set up your campaign, it helps you manage it, and even more importantly it allows you to keep track of its performances so that you cal learn how to improve and measure each campaign’s results.

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Why Choose Wordstream 

As we’ve mentioned earlier in this Wordstream review, this tool is particularly suitable for small businesses.

It is so for two main reasons:

  • it’s extremely easy to use, and it comprises all the main features that you need from a marketing management software;
  • it’s affordable and it also provides some important features for free.

If you are searching for a free marketing management tool, Wordstream can be perfect for you.

It allows you to use a bundle of features for free and you can use them forever.

This is, of course, not ideal for big business, but if you’ve just launched your online business, or if you have a traditional physical business and are learning how to exploit the Internet to increase the number of your clients and profit, this is the tool that you should choose. 

Wordstream Plans and Pricing in comparison

You won’t find the classical price table that you often see when you buy other software when you visit the Wordstream website. This is because their pricing plan works differently.

Instead of asking you for a certain price to pay, they ask what is your budget; once they know what kind of amount you can spend, they provide their services according to it. But let’s start from the beginning.

Free tools

Wordstream offers what they call “free tools”. It’s basically a free trial of all their features.

The website doesn’t specify for how long you’ll be able to use them, but it’s not for long. 

When your free trial ends, you have multiple choices.

As we’ve mentioned, the platform asks its user what is their budget for marketing and advertising.

You can also say that your budget is $0. If you have zero budget, their customized offer for you will provide only a limited amount of features.

Of course, the higher the budget the more advanced the features.

Paid services

When they ask you your advertising budget, they are not asking how much you are willing to spend for using the platform.

They are asking how much money you’re planning to spend on your entire marketing campaign.

Based on that, they are going to provide a customized plan and price for you.

There is no way of understanding how much you are going to pay to use the platform: the only way to know that, it’s by filling up their form where you claim what is your advertising budget and wait for their offer.

Of course, you can decide to accept the offer or deny it.

Wordstream Pros & Cons


  • Customized software

This software provides customized features according to your budget.

  • Everything you need in one place

With Wordstream, you can create, optimize and monitor your marketing and advertising campaigns from a single platform.

  • Scalable

This is one of the most scalable marketing tools available out there. You can start for free and you can increase your budget when your business starts to grow.


  • Lack of price clarity.

Wordstream offers some free tools but it’s not clear how much you are going to spend once the free trial is ended.

This is because there isn’t a fixed price for their service. They ask for your budget and they provide everything they can within that budget.

This can be perfect for businesses that want to optimize their budget, but when you need to evaluate whether this tool could work for you, having no idea how much you’re going to pay for it can complicate things a little bit.

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Wordstream Features

Google AdWords Optimization

With workstream not only you can analyze your Words outcome but you can also receive suggestions on how to optimize it.

This is one more reason why this particular tool is ideal for beginners: it allows a fast learning curve that you can exploit later for all your marketing campaigns, no matter the software tool you’ll be using.


Duplicates (duplicate keywords, duplicate content, duplicate web pages…) are bad for ranking and customer efficiency.

It can happen that you create duplicates when you are managing a website or a marketing campaign.

For this reason, it’s important to rely on a tool that can spot duplicates and allow you to eliminate the,

Ad Optimization

Workstream provides suggestions to guarantee the high performance of your paid advertisement.

In particular, it analyses the performance of your current paid advertising campaigns, creates a report, and provides suggestions on how to improve the performance of your advertising campaign.

Bid Management

By managing bids, WordStream can show you the keywords that can enhance the efficiency of your advertising or marketing project.


Querystream is an important tool provided by Wordstream that allows you to see what users are searching for connections with your business.

You can exploit this data to target your marketing campaign more carefully and effectively.

Negative Keywords

WordStream doesn’t limit itself to suggesting good keywords, but it also lets you know which ones you should avoid.

With this simple tool, you are saved from a lot of money waste.

Ad editing

WIth Wordstream you can create and edit your ads in a very simple way.

When you’re running a business it’s important to count on software tools that allow you to do multiple tasks from a single platform.

With Wordstream and its editing tool, you can have control over any aspect of your marketing campaigns.

Wordstream Customer Service efficiencyMore than customer service, Wordstream offers a consultation service.

When you purchase their tool, you are also purchasing a service for which a team of experts will hear your necessities and goals and help you design the perfect marketing campaign for your business. 

Of course, this team also works as customer service, because for any issue you can experience, they’ll be there to help you fix it.

However, there is also customer service in the classic meaning of it. You can contact them by phone (855.967.3787; +1.866.971.0933).

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Wordstream – the final verdict

The main feature that lets Wordstream stand out from its competitors is that it is extremely scalable.

You can start with nothing, just trying their free tools and then exploiting everything they allow you to with zero budget and then you can start purchasing more advanced services as your business grows and you have a higher budget available.

It can be a tool for beginners, and it can become one of the most advanced marketing and advertising service you can find online.

Keyword Tool Dominator Review: FAQ

Does Wordstream provide some kind of training?

Wordstream provides tons of training material. You can find it on their website.

They provide tons of documentation about how to optimize your advertising, and of course on how to exploit their service at best.

Does Wordstream have some kind of integrations?

Integrations are important so that you can widen the possibility of the platform you are using.

In the case of Wordstream, the platform is well integrated with Facebook, Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Shift, Accelo, Desktopcom. 

Does Wordstream support different languages?

Unfortunately, Wordstream only supports the English language.

For this reason, it’s most suitable to optimize and design an advertising campaign in the English language and – of course – targeted to an English-speaking audience.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush