Ubersuggest Pricing – Everything You should Know

Ubersuggest is one of the top SEO tools. It is an all-in-one tool with various features to assist you in improving and expanding your content marketing strategy.

Neil Patel founded it in 2010 with a vision to help deserving websites and businesses secure the position on the first page of top search engines.

Its success rate is immense. Forbes, one of the leading American business magazines, has mentioned the tool as the most advanced third-party keyword research tool.

If you are a blog writer, an affiliate marketer, or an entrepreneur, it is a diverse tool with so many options for you to benefit from.

This is precisely the tool you should be using, especially if you are trying to impersonate your competitor’s success.

It has over fifty thousand users who started from small businesses and turned their ventures into top-notch enterprises by putting the tool to its maximum use.

Ubersuggest periodically undergoes upgrades that is why its features are frequently improving and evolving with time, serving its users something new and unique on the plate.

Ubersuggest Pricing
Ubersuggest Pricing


SEO Tool Name Ubersuggest
FoundedIn 2010.
Plan Start From12 USD/ Month.
Key FeaturesDomain overview, SEO keywords, SEO analyzer
Website Click Here

Key Features

  • Domain overview
  • SEO keywords
  • SEO analyzer
  • Backlink data
  • Content ideas
  • Rank progress tracker

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Ubersuggest Features 
Ubersuggest Features 

Ubersuggest is known for its unique set of features.

Some of them are given below;

Keyword Research

Finding in-demand keywords is the first and most crucial step for any SEO tool.

Ubersuggest has an excellent record of providing millions of keywords to their audience in any particular niche.

The criteria of looking for a keyword is so easy that, unlike others, you do not require any youtube tutorial to understand how the tool’s basics work, which is an excellent thing.

Just planting the seed keyword gives you hundred of related keywords along with their competition track. 

Analyzing your Competition

Ubersuggest has gone all out with this feature.

You will get the accurate numbers of traffic and the keywords behind the ranking that make the surge possible by simply typing the domain in the traffic analyzer.

You even see best-performing pages, the channels they are driving traffic from, and countries the average traffic belongs to.

Such condensed SEO insights make this tool the best of them all. 

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SEO Audit 

Ubersuggest provides you with an option of doing the SEO audit of your site. It is a beneficial feature as it assists you in improving your shortcomings.

You can see and fix your errors utilizing this feature. The solutions to those errors are also provided on the tool, so you do not have to look for them here and there. 

Regular Rank Tracking

You can keep a strict record of your rank progress. Ubersuggest allows its users to track the ups and down a specific site undergoes regularly.

You can even check daily reports of the rank on your mobile phone other than the desktop app. The tool also gives you feedback on your SEO.

Backlink Data

With this feature, you can keep an eye on your links and track them. Ubersuggest is the number one SEO tool for a reason.

It occasionally suggests its users with new and improved backlinks for their websites.

You can put your hands on high-quality links for your website without the hassle of additional research. 

Web Projects

Another excellent feature Ubersuggest offers is organizing and assembling all the websites in a single dashboard window and keeping an eye on them simultaneously.

Without putting in extra effort, you can see all ongoing changes on a single tab and get alerts through Ubersuggest. 

Domain Overview

This feature of Ubersuggest allows you to get insight into other’s strategies in your market.

This assists you in improving your ways by adopting the techniques that are working for them.

Overall the tool has a healthy competitive environment for all of its users to take advice from those exceeding and put them in use to rank their websites higher.

Ubersuggest Pricing and plan

Ubersuggest Pricing and plan
Ubersuggest Pricing and plan

This platform is hands down the cheapest SEO tool you will ever find.

You can avail of all of its features at a price comparatively ten times lesser than other similar tools.

Ubersuggest pricing is said to be the best for beginners and newbies with small businesses and new ventures. 

Individual Plan – 12 USD per Month

This plan is suitable for those aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses who have to deal with around one to three different websites.

You can get a 7-day free trial to test all the features out before investing in the tool.

This plan includes;

  • 100 reports per day.
  • Three active projects at a time.
  • One hundred tracked keywords per project.
  • Rank check from around 20 locations. 
  • Site audit per 1000 pages.
  • Keyword suggestions 20000.
  • Content ideas 2000.
  • Keyword export per report 2000.
  • Competitor tracking five times.
  • Two thousand competitors’ top pages report.
  • Twenty thousand competitors’ top keyword report.
  • Two thousand rows of data exporting per report.
  • 2000 backlinks rows.
  • Data exporting per report 2000.

Business Plan – 20 USD per Month

Ubersuggest pricing has another plan with the name business for small-scale to medium-scale business owners.

With this plan, you can easily manage four to seven websites. This plan also offers a seven-day free trial period just like the first one.

The business plan is different from the individual plan in the number of features provided. 

  • 300 reports per day.
  • Seven active projects at a time.
  • One hundred fifty tracked keywords per project.
  • Rank check from an unlimited number of locations. 
  • Site audit per 5000 pages.
  • Keyword suggestions 50000.
  • Content ideas 5000.
  • Keyword export per report 5000.
  • Competitor tracking ten times.
  • Five thousand competitors’ top pages report.
  • Fifty thousand competitors’ top keyword report.
  • Five thousand rows of data exporting per report.
  • 5000 backlinks rows.
  • Data exporting per report 5000.

Plan for Enterprise or Agency – 40 USD per Month

Large businesses and agencies that deal with many clients and have chains with more than eight working websites at a time can benefit from this plan.

The 7-day free trial of this plan will give you a drive down the features. All the features provided are in numerous amounts.

Your duration will end, but you won’t run out of the features.

  • 900 reports per day.
  • Fifteen active projects at a time.
  • Two hundred tracked keywords per project.
  • Rank check from an unlimited number of locations. 
  • Site audit per 10000 pages.
  • Keyword suggestions 100000.
  • Content ideas 10000.
  • Keyword export per report 10000.
  • Competitor tracking 15 times.
  • Ten thousand competitors’ top pages report.
  • 100000 competitors’ top keyword report.
  • Ten thousand rows of data exporting per report.
  • 10000 backlinks rows.
  • Data exporting per report 5000.

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Ubersuggest Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to use.
  • Highly reasonable tool.
  • Fast results and simplified metrics.
  • Keyword data includes charts and stats.
  • Word cloud for visual learners.


  • Can not analyze the link profile of a site.
  • Numbers are not always correct.
  • Some limitations on the target market.

Get Started with Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a user-friendly tool. Neil Patel has made the tool super easy to use.

You can also find tutorials on how to use the features and make the most out of them. 

  1. To start using the features of Ubersuggest, you will have to click the website’s link. 
  2. Click on the ‘pricing’ option given in the top right corner. There you can see the plans and their features.
  3. As a beginner, if you go with the Individual plan, you can click the ‘join for free trial’ option given under the plan. It will take you to another window.
  4. Simply insert your name, email, and password to get started.

Ubersuggest Alternatives

It has some active competitors. Neil Patel is constantly working to improve this tool, so we can expect it to surpass its competitors soon, though.

Some of its competitors include;


Ahrefs has been giving a tough time to its fellow SEO tool Ubersuggest. It is known for its disavow tool and backlink gap tool.

It shows the ranking stats from 7 different search engines. Unlike Ubersuggest, it offers four different plans.

It is way too much on the pricier side, though.

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Semrush is said to be a reliable SEO tool. It optimizes your website faster than others. It is one of the most popular tools ever used.

This platform is slightly challenging to use, and you will have to watch tutorials to get started.

It has an impressive set of features with a 100 percent accuracy rate, making it stand out from its competitors.

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Coupon/ Promo Codes/ Discount

Despite cheap rates, Ubersuggest is often kind to its users and gives them discounts and special offers to avail themselves of. 

  • You can get a lifetime subscription by paying once. The price is 90% cheaper than other tools like Ahrefs.
  • Monthly charges of Ubersuggest are 70% lower than competitor tools.
  • If you go for the annual option, you will get two free months.

You can keep track of all upcoming and seasonal offers by joining the free newsletter of Ubersuggest so that you can be the first one to benefit from them.

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Ubersuggest Reviews

John Mathew 

“Nice, clean, and clear layout, that’s easy to use.”

Darren Winter

“Provides a good overview of SEO performance. Its breadth of features is amazing.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to cancel my account. Is it possible?

Yes, Ubersuggest allows you to cancel your account at any time. You can also downgrade to a free trial.

Are there any other types of fees to pay?

No, we do not scam users with hidden fees, nor are there extra contracts to sign.

How much accuracy of data can we expect from Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest uses multiple data providers to give you accurate estimations.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush