Surfer Pricing : Details, Reviews, Plans & Features

Surfer Pricing is an SEO tool that was created to help SEO to make your articles, blogs, or content perfect.

It examines the content on a page by more than 500-page signals. This SEO tool helps you to grow real traffic on your website by making your content attractive.

Surfer has a big number of users now because of its amazing and helpful features. 

The main purpose of Surfer SEO is to deliver its users the most relatable and helpful information to make your content quality better which can help you to increase traffic on the web.  

Surfer SEO tool is one of the best helping tools for you which makes your content extraordinary good and different from others.

Its large number of plans and features make it more users friendly and easier to handle. You can never guess what Google prefers to rank your page higher.

Surfer SEO tool reviews the managed data and notifies you about what you’re missing out on and what you’re using too much that high-ranked pages do. 

Surfer Pricing
Surfer Pricing


SEO Tool NameSurfer
FoundedNovember 2017
Plan Start From$59 per month
Key FeaturesIt has a built-in Keyword Research option, SERP Analyzer, SEO Inspection, Content planner, and editor
WebsiteClick Here

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Surfer Features

Surfer Features

Surfer SEO has a large number of innovative features which make Surfer an amazing Tool and people like to work with this tool.

Surfer different plans have different access to its features but some main features of Surfer Pricing are given below:

Serp Analyzer

This is one of the top functions of the SURFER SEO tool, which is very helpful to you. It analyzes high-ranking pages according to the term you specify.

From this feature, you are able to check out all the high-ranking pages all over the world and can get information from them so you can increase traffic on your website too, and tells you how you can rank high.

It studies more than 500 factors to give you accurate information. You can have a comparison of your page and high-ranking pages so easily. 

keyword research

This function of Surfer SEO helps you to search the phrase which results in Google search results.

You get data for each keyword you search for. It shows you similar data and related data as well so you can get lots of options for keywords. 

This function works on the logic that if any other page gets high ranked because of their keywords, so will you with the same keywords and phrases.

keyword surfer

The Keyword Surfer is a stretching of Google Chrome that can be used to display data search and keyword search directly from Google search.

You can check the monthly search so you know better what to expect.

content editor

 From this function, you can write or make contents that are on-page SEO optimization and you can even fix the contents you’ve created in past.

The advantage of a content editor is that it uses data from SERP Analyzer for results.

Surfer produces the content score for your keywords and then it gives you ideas and tips to improve your content and writings by giving you ideas for heading and different paragraphs, a list of LSI keywords, and how many words should be written.  

seo audit

This tool is very useful for you because the Surfer SEO Audit tool makes a lot of effort itself and works that you were supposed to do manually.

The basic function of an SEO audit is to find out if any issues affecting your ranking.

These should be like slowing down your website, On-page-SEO issues, content gaps issues, or marketplace insights, and then Surfer SEO provides you solutions for these issues.

It gives you step-by-step instructions. SEO audit plays the role of doctor for your website and you must use this feature for your website to keep working properly and rank high. 

user-friendly interface

It is so easy to use the Surfer SEO tool. It gives you a very clear display in which swap in different portions of your screen quickly.

You don’t need to worry now about where to find things, everything is so easy and well managed that you won’t be stressed out while using Surfer.

It gives you so deep information but in a very simple way. It won’t take much time in learning how Surfer works.

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Surfer pricing and plans

Surfer pricing and plans
Surfer pricing and plans

Surfer Pricing and Plans are described below:

basic plan

The first plan Surfer offers you is BASIC Plan. It is the most reasonable plan and anyone can afford this plan easily.

You can get this offer for $59 per month and if you want to subscribe to this plan for a year, you’ll pay Surfer $708, but the Surfer Pricing and Plans take good care of its customers and know their needs so they give a discount of 205 if you pay annually and with discount, the offer becomes only $590.4 per year.

With the BASIC plan, you get access to 

  • Content Editor (You get 25 queries for a month).
  • SERP Analyzer (You can have 15 queries each day).
  • Unlimited Keyword Research.
  • NLP Analysis (You get 10 queries for a month).
  • Backlinks (You can get 25 queries on daily basis).

pro plan

The second plan offered by Surfer Pricing is PRO Plan. You can get this plan for $99 per month and if you want this offer for 1 year you have to pay Surfer $990 after discount.

 In this plan you get the following features:

  • Content Editor (You can get 100 queries per month).
  • SERP Analyzer (You can have 50 queries each day).
  • Unlimited Keyword Research.
  • Backlinks (You can get 100 queries on daily basis).
  • NLP Analysis (You get 50 queries per month).

business plan

It is the last plan which Surfer Pricing offers you. This plan is quite expensive but worth it.

This plan is subscribed for $199 per month and for 1 year you’ve to pay $1,990 which is a big amount and it makes you think many times before getting this offer annually.

Mostly the people who work for very big organizations or work on a big platform avail this offer. 

From subscribing to BUSINESS Plan you can get:

  • Content Editor (You can get 300 queries per month).
  • SERP Analyzer (You can have 100 queries on daily basis).
  • Unlimited Keyword Research.
  • Backlinks (You can get 300 queries each day).
  • NLP Analysis (You get 150 queries per month).

money back guarantee

If you think this plan I not good enough for you or this is not what you expected it would be and you want to get back your amount, you’ll just have to inform Surfer Customer Care Service within 7 days of buying and by giving them your feedback you can get your amount back in no time.

pros and cons of Surfer


  • SURFER Content Editor works well and is easy to use. 
  • You can compare your keywords with the keywords of top-ranked websites so you could rank high as well.  
  •  Surfer SEO tool has such a good user interface that helps you to save your time and not disturb you by sending many ads on the screen and you get confused about which button to click on.
  • The Multiple views option.
  •  Finds out more than 500 phrases or keywords at once.
  • Surfer SEO Audit is really amazing and it compares your page with other’s pages in minutes will let you know how you can rank higher.


  • The number of queries is short. 
  • Surfer needs to upgrade its keyword tool. 
  • Sometimes it gives too many suggestions while editing.

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customer review

Joseph K”

The most amazing SEO writing and analyzing tool for SEO Professionals and Copywriters!


I tried Surfer SEO to optimize my on-page content. I used an article that was ranking steadily on page 2 of Google SERPs as my control… got a high score for the keyword in Surfer… now the page has dropped out of the top 100…I have no idea why as it wasn’t vastly different and most areas within the surfer were ‘in the green’. Surfer said I’d improved my content… yet it dropped significantly in the rankings…I guess what matters is where it ranks, not your Surfer SEO score… I’m highly skeptical.


Is Surfer accurate?

Not any SEO tool is perfect but we can give Surfer a try. It gives reasonable offers and plans and if a customer doesn’t like it so they can refund their amount within 7 days.

Is Surfer free?

300,000+ users use keyword Surfer and search keywords within Google Search and 100% free.

Can anyone use Grammarly in the Content Editor?

Yes, you can use Grammarly and content editor together.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush