SpyFu Pricing 2022 – Honest Review

SpyFu software was launched in 2005 by Michael Roberts. SpyFu has introduced itself as the best keyword research and competitive spying tool for digital marketers to improve their performances in online research while keeping an eye on their competitors’ activities.

It is a cloud-based, Saas, and Web-based software. The company holds many customers and a crew of 22 employees that makes everything run smoothly.

This is the ideal software tool for digital marketers and business owners to upgrade their domain’s development.

It enables the customers to search for useful keywords for their SEO and competitive campaigns.

It has been providing remarkable features at a lower price rate to its users since the beginning.

SpyFu has many important factors that make it outshine others. It s the best solution for small business owners on a limited budget.

SpyFu is also productive for big marketing brands that want to run eyes on their competitor’s proceedings.

The company’s goal is to provide you the secret formula to gain huge success and popularity in the business industry.

SpyFu Pricing
SpyFu Pricing


SEO Tool Name SpyFu
Plan Start From$33 per month
Key Features SEO and PPC marketing, Keywords finder, Keywords Rank tracker, Competitors spying, Backlinks analysis, Ranking History of a Domain, Customized reporting
WebsiteClick Here

Features of SpyFu

 Features of SpyFu
Features of SpyFu

SpyFu contains basic features that make it an essential and a top-notch toolkit. Its extraordinary features make it quite different from its high pricing alternatives.

An SEO and PPC marketing tool

SpyFu yields accurate and extensive data on the organic search activity of your website as well as your competitor’s website.

In this way, you can get access to the number of searched keywords, website’s organic traffic, and the backlink profile of any website.

It is convenient to arrange related keywords into groups to get easy insights into the topics that are best for the website’s ranking.

This tool helps you find the paid keywords for a website, its advertisement’s position and timeline, and cost-per-clicks.

It is also built with filters that give you the data of gained and lost keywords in ranking positions.

Keywords Finder Tool

SpyFu’s keywords research allows you to discover the top searched keywords for any website.

It is helpful for a user to check his web site’s progress and his competitor’s. You can classify keywords according to your convenience.

You can make categories of unique keywords, newly added keywords, high and low ranked keywords.

In this way, you will be able to check the hierarchy of these keywords.

Keywords Rank Tracking

SpyFu has a tool that tracks the position of your website in a Google search engine.

Using this tool, you can add and locate new keywords useful for the next ranking competition.

One drawback of this feature is that it is updated only once a week, affecting your results.

This keyword research tool is strong enough to make you defeat your competitor’s tool. This software is helpful to calculate your website’s traffic as well.

Competitor’s Spying

SpyFu software has the attributes to spy on your competitor’s marketing strategies. It generates customized reports daily that you can use for competitive spying.

This tool will help you find your competitors and the keywords you have in common and missing.

The SpyFu Organic Kombat displays the result of competitive websites by a Venn Diagram. This will be helpful to check your competitor’s rank in keywords score.

This tool also provides you approach to identify your rivals in paid search.

After identifying your competitors in paid search, you can use The SpyFu shared paid Kombat to find out those keywords you are not known to.

Backlink Analysis Tool

By The SpyFu tool,  you will be able to know about the backlink outline of any website.

This tool is not as strong and effective as Ahrefs but provides useful information on a limited budget.

You can analyze the backlink data of a competitor’s website by an updated report that is provided to you daily.

This report helps you understand whether new backlinks come to your site or your rival’s site.

The process is easy and intuitive; you have to enter a particular keyword to your domain, compare backlinks with competitors, and find why your site is low ranking.

Now, you can add those same missing links to your website from the targeted site to stand out on the top position.

The SpyFu link Index contains about 103 domains and over 7 billion results; that is enough to summarize the whole scenario. 

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Pricing of SpyFu

Pricing of SpyFu
Pricing of SpyFu

The main selling point of SpyFu is that it provides the cheapest packages to its users compared to other tools.

SpyFu has generated three purchasing plans for its customers. This tool is risk-free as it provides you the facility of refund payment in 30 days.

Free Trial

The SpyFu provides you a free trial for 30 days that is sufficient to understand its working, tools and services, products and features, and pricing, etc. You must try out the free version to decide what your preferences are and what you need in the software.

Basic Plan

Cost: $33/month (billed annually)

          $39/month (billed monthly)

The SpyFu Basic plan begins with $33/month, which has to pay annually, and $39/month, which has to pay monthly.

Unlike other SEO tools, SpyFu does not charge a price on search results.

The SpyFu AdWords tool provides 250 sales leads and domains, 5000 tracked keywords per week with ten domain reports, and ten pay-per-click reports through Basic Plan. This plan is useful for those individuals who do not need API access.

Professional Plan

 Cost: $58/month (billed annually)

           $79/month (billed monthly)

The Professional Plan provides unlimited search results and data exports. It will provide you with 500 scale leads and domain contacts, 15,000 tracked keywords ranking per week, and 50,000 top list results.

You will also get API access of 10,000 rows returned and custom branded reporting.

Team Plan

Cost: $199/month (billed annually)

        $299/month (billed monthly)

The Team Plan offers unlimited search results and data export and domain overview PDFs, 2000 scale leads and domain contacts, 40,000 tracked keywords ranking per week, 75,000 top list results, API access with 10,000 rows returned, and custom branded reporting.

This plan is ideal for those team marketers who need five user account access.

Pros and Cons of SpyFu


  • Robust tool for paid keyword research.
  • Deep competitor’s analysis tool.
  • Extensive database of Google data of 13 years.


  • Lacks backlink analysis accuracy.

Alternatives to SpyFu

 Alternatives to SpyFu
Alternatives to SpyFu

The SpyFu lies among highly competitive websites. Some of them are discussed below;

KW Finder

KW Finder is a keyword research tool suitable for new online marketers. Its cost price is $49 per month.

It gives simple keyword research and tools of Mangools. You should choose SpyFu if you need advanced keyword research and deep competitor analysis.

KWFinder Tool Pricing


Serpstat is an SEO tool. Its starting subscription cost is about $69 per month. It has the best Site Audit tool, strong Backlink analysis, and quite expensive subscription plans.

You can prefer SpyFu for robust competitive analysis. You can also try it out if you do not need a Site Audit tool and want to save 30 dollars per month.

Serpstat Pricing


SEMrush is also considered an all-in-one keyword research software. Its subscription plan is $119.5 per month that is quite high.

It has the best SEO audit tool, competitor’s analysis, website trafficking, and advanced keywords rank tracking tool.

SpyFu will be the best tool for individuals who only want keywords research and competitive analysis, save money, and do not need Backlink analysis.

SEMrush Pricing

Getting Started with SpyFu

Getting Started with SpyFu
Getting Started with SpyFu

Getting started with SpyFu is not so difficult, or if you face any obstacle to get started with it, you can take help from resources available on SpyFu’s website.

  1. A sign-up option is available on the top right corner of the website.
  2. If you are using this tool the first time, you have to fill the sign-up form and create an account by providing given data.
  3. After creating your account, you have to log in to your account by putting username and password and simply get started with it. 

January Coupons/Promo Codes/Discounts

SpyFu often provides bonuses to its subscribed member.

The currently available coupon code of SpyFu includes “Save $72 off  Unlimited Basic” and “Save $228 off on SpyFu Pro”.

You can avail yourself of these coupons and get discounted rates. To receive notifications of any future promo codes or discounts, you can join the newsletter of SpyFu.

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Customer Reviews

 SpyFu  Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

Mathew k

“I use this tool for my online blogging and content writing. I recommend it to beginner marketers.”

Brian M

“It is my primary research tool, and I have been using it for many years. It did not disappoint me ever.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is SpyFu Risk-Free?

SpyFu is a risk-free SEO tool; in this way, if a user pays the amount for the subscription plan and does not like its services, he can ask for a refund. This implies only if the tool has been used for 30 or less than 30 days.

Is A Free Trial Version Available?

Yes, you can use it free of cost for 30 days.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush