Soovle Keyword Tool Review 2022

When we speak about search engine optimization, we too often focus only on Google.

This can lead us to many mistakes: for example, we make a mistake if we focus our keyword research only on Google trends and data.

In this Soovle Keyword Tool review, we’d like to introduce you to a new way of searching for your keywords.

With this tool, you can run your research through all the search engines, the most popular (like Google and Bong) and lees ones.

This is something that could boost your traffic and conversions even more and bring your online business to another level.

Soovle Keyword Tool Review
Soovle Keyword Tool Review


SEO Tool NameSoovle
Plan Start FromFree
Key FeaturesMore than 15 search engines, Simple interface, Export reports, Image search, Suggestions
WebsiteClick Here

Soovle Keyword Tool Review – What It Is?

Soovle Keyword Tool Review - What It Is
Soovle Keyword Tool Review – What It Is

Soovle Keyword Tool is a software tool that allows you to run your keyword research, provide analytics, suggestion, and help you optimize your website and webpages for search engines.

What makes this tool different from many others is that it runs it provides feedback from more than 15 search engines instead of only one, or only one at a time.

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Why Choose Soovle Keyword Tool? 

You should choose Soolve Keyword Tool because not every people around the world or every internet user in your country use Google as their search engine.

Many Windows users, for example, are using Bing (which is set up by default on their computers) and they aren’t even realizing it. 

If you want to optimize your website for the best you need knowledge, data, information that comes from all search engines and not just one.

In this Soolve Keyword Tool review, you’ll find out that running this kind of comprehensive research doesn’t complicate things at all.

Soovle is a customizable tool and it’s the most efficient solution for your keyword research.

Soovle Keyword Tool Review – How Much Does It Cost?

In our software reviews, when we came to costs, we always make a comparison between the different prices and plans each company has to offer.

In this case, however, there is no point in doing so. Not because Soovle doesn’t offer any plan, but because it doesn’t cost any dollar!

You read it well: Soovle is an advanced tool just like we’ve just described, and it is 100% free. 

You don’t even need a subscription!| Soovle is a software tool that is there, on the web, for everyone who wants to use it.

When you go to the Soovle website, you already find the interface and the search bar, and you can type your keywords without any subscription and without paying a dollar!

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Soovle Keyword Tool Review – Pros & Cons


  • First of all, Soovle is probably the only free keyword research tool available on the web right now.
  • Despite being free, Soovle is a very advanced keyword research tool and you can exploit many different features.
  • It provides anything you need to manage your SEO strategy whether you have a blog, website, or e-commerce.


  • The interface is extremely easy to understand and use, but it’s old-fashioned. Not only does it look old: let’s face it, it looks ugly! However, the ugly interface shouldn’t discourage you. The interface has been kept simple, and the search algorithm is very advanced. The reason behind such poor care of the graphic aspects of the platform is to keep the price low. More than low: free!
  • It doesn’t have customer service. It’s a platform that is out there and it doesn’t provide any kind of direct support. However, it is usually not required for a free platform (Google research doesn’t have a contact me page, after all!).

Soovle Keyword Tool Review – Features

More than 15 search engines

Soolve collects data from more than 15 different search engines. If you are interested in only some of them, you can set up the search parameters so that the tool only focuses on them.

This is also useful to understand how users that use different search engines may have different interests, needs, and more…

Simple interface

Very advanced tools need to have simple interfaces otherwise you wouldn’t be able to keep everything under control.

The Soovle interface is super simple: there is the classical search box, there are multiple search engines that you can select, and the results are provided in a convenient report.

Export reports

This feature is particularly useful for freelancers or anyone who works for somebody else (including employees).

After having run the search you can save the data by exporting them. Now you can save and store them, or share them in clear and readable graphics.


Soovle also provides suggestions: they can be concept, keywords, or long-tail keywords, and they can be customizable for each of the supported search engines.

Image search

This tool is made even more powerful by the possibility of running image searches.

For example, you could run a search of your brand logo and see what keywords are being associated with it on all the supported search engines.

Soovle Tool Review – Customer Service Efficiency

Soovle doesn’t provide any customer service. When you go to the Soovle website, you have in front of you a ready-to-use platform: a search bar where you can type your keywords in, ad a Soovle button that is just like a Search button.

The results are provided immediately on the same page and they appear all around the search bar.

There are small buttons that let you know what are the trending keywords, and some others that allow you to print or share them. This is all the support you need to use this platform. 

The only support the platform provides is on the blog section: here, there are tons of articles that explain marketing, keyword optimization, and strategies… but this is the only support you’re going to receive from the development team.

pay attention here: the Let us help you tag isn’t the customer service link!

“Let us help you” means “let us suggest some keywords” it doesn’t stand for “contact us and we’ll help you fix some issue!”

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Soovle Keyword Tool Review – the Final Verdict

Soovle is the ideal Keyword research tool for any beginner that can’t count on a big – or small – budget.

It doesn’t look pretty at all, but you get used to that quickly and you can start exploiting all the insight it provides right away.

However, as your online business starts becoming bigger, you can consider passing on to a paid keyword research tool, especially if you need to share the results with collaborators or -even more importantly – your boss.

Soovle Keyword Tool Review – FAQ

Can I use Soovle if I am an Amazon seller?

Yes, you can. Soovle provides information about where the keywords are most trending.

Information aren’t very detailed but a small Amazon icon will let you know which keywords are better to use on Amazon as well as on many other platforms: YouTube, Yahoo, Google, and more…

Do I need to subscribe to the service?

There is no need – or possibility – to subscribe to the service. The website is already the platform and it’s ready to use. Just type in your keywords and began your research.

Is there any premium version of Soovle?

There isn’t. The free, ugly, but advanced version you find on the website is the only version available and it has no limits of use.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush