Similarweb Vs. SEMrush Review 2022?

Similarweb and SEMrush are two of the best SEO Tools for  managing digital marketing. Which one is most suitable for you?

This post will analyse the features of both tools to help you choose the best.

Similarweb Vs. SEMrush Review
Similarweb Vs. SEMrush


SEO Tool NameSimilarwebSEMrush
Plan Start FromIts plans start from $199Its plans start from $119.95.
Key FeaturesRank Tracker, Backlink Analysis, Keywords Search, Site Audit Content Review, Keywords, and phrase Search, Search Engine Presentation, Web Inspect, Reporting
WebsiteClick HereClick Here

What is Similarweb?

What is Similarweb?
What is Similarweb?

​SimilarWeb is another SEO toolkit that provides you with the necessary data for your website to get better ratings and more traffic.

It has a relatively easier-to-use user interface. It provides you with data about your website as well as the competitors’. SimilarWeb has accurate and robust data collection.

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What is SEMrush?

What is SEMrush?
What is SEMrush?

​SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO software suite that was created by a competitive research service in 2008.

It helps websites with keywords research, backlink building and analysis, and many more tools to get a website on top of the visible list of a search engine.

It provides you with data that will help you climb up the Google search ratings that will in turn help you get more user traffic.

Different features are compared on the basis of ratings.

Data Sources6.98.2
Marketing Metrics8.18.5
Keyword Suggestions8.69.0
Quality of Support8.58.5
Overall Rating8.19.0

Price Comparison 


Which SEO Tool is Less Expensive?

SEMrush offers the following monthly plans for a complete SEO software suite. It also offers 7day free trial.

SimilarWeb offers free limited SEO tools alongside customizable monthly enterprise packages. 

Detailed Comparison of Features

Some of the common features of both these SEO toolkits are discussed below:

Keyword Research

​Keyword research is an SEO tool that finds what people are searching for and what is the quantity of searches for a particular topic or keyword. SEMrush and SimilarWeb both give extensive keyword research tools.

SEMrush has one of the industry’s most renowned keyword research tools. It has precise and accurate data.

SEMrush has a larger database that contains much more data than most of the SEO toolkits.

SEMrush provides two tools for this keyword research purpose.

  1. Topic Research-This tool helps you find trending topics or subtopics for your already selected topic.
  2. Keyword Magic Tool-This tool will help you find the right words to use in your articles, headings, and tags. SEMrush supports 42 databases with over 20 billion keywords in total.

​​SimilarWeb’s keyword research tool is a powerful tool. It will provide you with accurate data. It will find the best topics and trends to follow and also find the best keywords for sub-topics or even headings inside a particular topic. 

SimilarWeb also provides you with a tracker tool. This tool helps you monitor how a particular keyword that is suggested by similarweb is working.

It will provide you with the data to figure out how much traffic is gained through a particular keyword.

SEMrush has a huge library of keywords for its users, while SimilarWeb has a relatively simple and easy-to-use user interface. SimilarWeb also gives proper monitoring tools for this purpose as well. 

Backlink Analysis

​Backlink analysis is another important SEO tool that checks for the validation and importance of links to other websites or webpages.

SEMrush has a simple yet powerful backlink analysis tool. It will look for the data of backlinks power of both your website as well as your competitors’ websites.

To get backlink data from the SEMrush backlink analysis tool one just has to enter the domain of any required website and it will provide you with a vast array of data.

SimilarWeb has a unique backlink analysis tool that uses a mix of data to give you results about a backlink of a particular website whether that be of your website or your competitors’ website. It also utilizes its keywords research tool to get more accurate data.

SEMrush provides you with a simple yet powerful backlink analysis tool. It has the advantage of easier to use interface over SimilarWeb which gives more complex data but is more accurate.

For a person who wants to have a more accurate backlink analysis of a website it is better to use SimilarWeb otherwise, they should choose SEMrush as it is simpler and easier to use.

Competitive Analysis

​For a website to succeed it is important that it knows about its competitors.

A competitive analysis tool checks a website’s competitors’ tactics. It helps a website to stay ahead of its competitors on top.

SEMrush uses a keyword gap analysis tool to find out your competitor’s keywords. It compares the power and usability of your website with that of your competitors’ websites.

It is very simple and easy to use but also quite effective. It will find the trending keywords and compare them to your competitors’ and then give you plausible solutions.

SimilarWeb gives an extensive search on your competitors’ websites through different channels. It gives you data on their backlinks, keywords, and even strategies.

After finding out your competitors’ strategies it becomes easier to gain an advantage over them and gain more google search ratings hence, getting more traffic.

SimilarWeb has a better and more accurate competitive analysis tool. It provides you with extensive data on your competitors’ websites as well as your own website.

SEMrush also has quite an effective competitive analysis tool but has lesser data to work on.

Pros and Cons of Similarweb Vs. SEMrush

Pros and Cons Of SEMrush


  • Most of the tools are in-depth
  • Complete SEO toolkit (contains every tool required for SEO)
  • Clean interface.
  • SEO writing assistant


  • Relatively more expensive.
  • Some tools are not very easy to use.

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Pros and Cons Of Similarweb


  • Provides users with a free limited tools platform.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Most tools provide in-depth data.


  • Some tools do not provide in-depth or accurate data.
  • Missing some of the SEO industry tools.

Similarweb Vs. SEMrush-Final Verdict

Which SEO Tool is More Effective? 

SEMrush has a more set of SEO tools and hence, contains more data to work, in most cases. It gives you extensive data on most of the tools and has a better overall SEO capability than SimilarWeb. 

Although SimilarWeb has a simpler and easier-to-use interface alongside some free-to-use tools, it does not have bulk analysis and benchmarking features like Semrush which makes it inferior in overall features to that of SEMrush. 

For a developer who wants extensive data, it is better to use SEMrush rather than SimilarWeb but, if someone wants free tools even if they are not complete or wants a more user-friendly interface, it is better to use SimilarWeb.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between SEMrush and SimilarWeb?

​SEMrush and SimilarWeb are both SEO toolkits. SEMrush is expensive and most of the time provides accurate data.

SimilarWeb is much cheaper and has a relatively easier-to-use interface.

SimilarWeb also has a free plan for its users to get limited data while SEMrush has a complete toolkit for SEO purposes.

Is it necessary to choose only one SEO toolkit?

No, you can choose different SEO software suites for one particular task but that would cost a lot.

Large business organizations that can produce enough from one website do use more than one SEO toolkits to enhance their performances.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush