Serpstat Pricing – Everything you should know

Serpstat is an ultimate SEO tool, all-in-one for business bloggers, digital marketers, and PPC professionals. It is providing its services to 250,000 users worldwide.

This application has come out with an extraordinary feature that helps users enhance their performances in online research.

Its starting plan offers you to extract 15000 keywords, which, compared to SEMrush, which only provides 500 keywords per search, is massive.

This is a less powerful tool but has great aspects that make it worth working on. It is more affordable than its alternatives.

This platform is the best option for firms that are looking for an essential and reliable tool. It can track a high volume of keywords.

Serpstat was launched in 2013 by Oleg Salamaha in Ukraine as a keyword research tool.

Serpstat is an all-in-one tool because it is a primary SEO tool for SEO specialists, analytical experts, PPC specialists, Content managers, and digital marketers.

It provides the best platform for its users to learn a lot of new things.

Multiple marketing agencies, small freelancers, and people who operate their businesses have been using Serpstat for many years.

In the last two years, the number of users has doubled, and it is listed as the top SEO tool. Serpstat extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

If you have just started a startup, it will make you a trained webmaster within a short time.

Serpstat Pricing
Serpstat Pricing


SEO Tool NameSerpstat
Founded 2013
Plan Start From $55 per month
Key FeaturesRank tracking, SEO and PPC Keyword research, Website and Competitor’s Analysis, Customized reports, white-labeled reports on demand, In-page and off-page SEO, Backlink analysis, Site Audit, Drives website traffic, Team management
WebsiteClick Here

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Features Of Serpstat

Features Of Serpstat
Features Of Serpstat

Rank Tracker

Serpstat is a basic rank tracker because it tracks the ranking of keywords, SEO, PPC, and your competitor’s position.

You will get refreshed data of ranking daily. It will help you track your website globally.

Tags group the enormous list of keywords. You will be able to keep an eye on your closest competitor’s performances and efforts.

It will evaluate your keywords and increase your market share by increasing the quality and frequency of your keywords.

You can schedule your reports and rank them manually whenever you want. I highly recommend it because there is nothing in it to dislike.

Keyword research tool

This is the primary feature of Serpstat that is used for SEO and PPC search campaigns. You can find high-volume keywords to gain success.

Its keyword database helps to find semantics for a website with extraordinary features.

Keyword collection and analysis depend upon regional search results. It provides similar keyword suggestions so that you can easily write your blog content.

Though this tool is not as powerful as Ahrefs and SEMrush, it contains all the essential features you need.

PPC keyword research tool provides its users with similar functionalities of SEO for paid search campaigns.

In addition, Serpstat provides current search advertisements used by your competitors’ companies for that particular keyword.

Target URL and Backlink analysis

The backlink analysis feature of this tool is specially designed to analyze the add-in and the lost backlinks.

This feature will identify malicious links and help fix them. You can change the link profile of your company or website and track the standard links of your competitors.

Backlinks are not as advanced as the Ahrefs tool. Its other features are pretty outstanding though.

Site Audit tool

This tool is also dealing with all technical issues that a client face during work. The technical issues affect your optimization and the site’s appearance.

If any issue detects, it will tell you immediately by notification. The site audit reports errors regarding multimedia, lack of HTTPS, meta tags, and markup issues.

A Page audit tool is also available to detect errors in the analyzed page and augment the optimization level of any page.

Competitor’s Analysis

Serpstat provides you manual report about the analysis of your competitor’s rank and progress.

The dashboard shows you the common keywords between you and your competitors and missing keywords.

In website analysis, you can use Venn Diagrams to compare your keywords with the competitors.

Pricing of Serpstat

Pricing of Serpstat
Pricing of Serpstat

Serpstat pricing exists in the value between $55 and $399 per month. Serpstat offers four cost plans to its customers.

Free trial

A free trial of Serpstat is available for seven days. Visit the website and try out its features for seven days free of cost.

Lite Plan

Cost: $55 per month

By purchasing the Lite plan, you can track up to 15,000 keywords, and one user is allowed. This plan is best for SEO users and freelancers with a low range budget.

Standard Plan

Cost: $119 per month

This plan allows three users to your account and extracts up to 60,000 keywords.

This plan is ideal for in-house teams and marketing agencies because it offers additional features such as branded reports, extended software design, and API credits.

I suggest you should avail this chance once in your experience.

Advanced Plan

Cost: $239 per month

The advanced plan provides the best value to big marketing agencies and large in-house teams who use more data.

It gives you access to 5 users and 150,000 keywords.

Enterprise Plan

Cost: $399 per month

It is the best plan for big industry owners with access to 7 users and 300,000 keywords.

You can subscribe to this plan to find out its hidden tools and products. It also provides white-labeled reports. 

Pros and Cons of Serpstat


  • Provide similar features of Ahrefs at a low price.
  • Affordable tool for SEO research and analysis.
  • Perfect Site audit tool to detect technical issues.
  • Backlink analysis is an excellent tool for business competition.


  • Lacks a lot of essential features.
  • Sometimes grammatical errors appear in reports.
  • Slow in showing charts and graphs.

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Alternatives of Serpstat

Serpstat is highly competitive with its alternatives.


Screpy is AI-based SEO and web analysis tool for marketing professionals and marketing agencies.

Its pricing is $9 per month, at a flat rate. Screpy also has a free trial version. It has low pricing as it contains simple features. It can be helpful for beginners.

SE Ranking

It is a cloud-based SEO for business professionals. It also provides social media management software.

SE Ranking is also good for beginners and small business owners and agencies.

Its pricing starts from $18.60 per month. A free trial version of it is available for 14 days.


Ahrefs is the best toolset for SEO and backlinks. Its some features are similar to Serpstat.

Its pricing starts from 99 dollars per month, and no free trial is available.

It is a more comprehensive search engine, but I recommend Serpstat because it is more affordable on a limited budget.

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Get started with Serpstat

If you are starting your own business on a small scale, you can opt for this tool.

  1. To get started with Serpstat, you have to create an account on its official website. On the website’s homepage, at the right top corner, signup and sign-in options are available.
  2. If you are using it for the first time, you have to sign up by creating an account. Sign-up is free.
  3. You can also signup with your Google account and Facebook account.
  4. After making an account, you have to sign in by putting in your e-mail and password. You can also purchase any plan offered by Serpstat.

It also provides a free trial for seven days. There is a lot of information, tools, and feature on its website.

You can also request a demo on a website to understand its tools and purpose.

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January Coupons/Promo Codes/Discount

Serpstat is offering various bonuses and discounts to its member perks and users. It provides digital marketing software with a discount to its paid users.

If you are interested, then get it as soon as possible. For upcoming promo codes and offers, you should subscribe to the newsletter of Serpstat.

In this way, you will get updated information about any discount offer.

To get 5 to 20% long-term discounts, you have to purchase a subscription plan for 3 to 12 months. 30% discounts for education centers are also offered for students.

You should not be reluctant to choose this toolset because it can meet your requirements with several discount offers and other ways.

Customer Reviews

Walther K

“I found it a great tool. Its website provides all information about its services and plans, tools and resources, and products and features.”

Klaus P

“I am impressed with its backlink research analysis. I highly recommend it to small business owners and beginners due to its affordable plans.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Serpstat Different From Other Tools?

Because it has an extensive database, a well-trained management team, a multi-user system, API credits, and many more.

How Many Keywords Does It Extract In The Lite Subscription Plan?

In the Lite plan, you can access up to 15000 keywords and one user.

Is There Any Signup Fee?

No. you can signup for Serpstat free of cost. 

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush