SECockpit pricing – Is It worth Buying?

SECockpit is a popular keyword research tool created by SwissMadeMarketing to provide foundational online business tools for SEO.

It helps you find the right keywords to get your content or website ranking on the first page of Google.

SECockpit takes a huge amount of data to summarize the important information in a simple overview.

This tool is perfect for busy business owners, web agencies, and other SEO professionals.

It has been used and trusted by thousands of small business owners, and they found it 100% effective when run on the cloud. It can process 200 keywords per minute.

It works with all internet browsers and makes it easy to find the right keywords. You can optimize for bringing more customers to your website.

It can show you keywords that have results from Google keyword planner, YouTube, Google keyword suggest, Amazon, and Related searches.

SECockpit has an inbuilt rank tracker that checks your search engine positions daily.

The developers claim they have found more than 6,364,447 accurate and profitable keywords with SECockpit in the last 30 days. It is perfect for business owners. 

SECockpit pricing
SECockpit Pricing


SEO Tool NameSECockpit
Plan Start From$39 per month
Key FeaturesKeyword research, Faster processing of keywords, Rank tracking, Providing most comprehensive data, Competition analysis, Outstanding training material, Keyword organization
WebsiteClick Here

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Features Of SECockpit

Features Of SECockpit

Find the best keywords

SECockpit enables you to find the exact keywords. It can generate new keywords ideas based on your target keyword.

It offers you advanced keywords and will provide you with a large list of related keywords once you put in the seed word.

Compared to its competitors, this tool has access to more keyword sources.

This tool shows you the keywords from Google Related searches, Amazon, Google Suggest, YouTube, and Google AdWords.

You can also analyze keywords in every language and country and import your list. This will help you in creating the original content.

Faster processing of keywords

There is another best feature of this tool that SECockpit can run as fast as you want. This tool can analyze and process 200 words that are fully optimized in just one or two minutes.

This tool can save your time dramatically, especially if you are a busy businessman.

The faster keyword processing helps you generate profitable keywords in a short period and can increase the number of viewers and searches on your website.

Track your rankings

SECockpit has an advanced feature that there is an inbuilt rank tracker.

This rank tracker examines your search engine positions and helps in getting the first-page rank. This tool is also helpful in uncovering your competition strategies.

You can be aware of your competitor keywords ranking in higher positions and can create your content more accurate and valuable using them.

Provides the most comprehensive data

By using SECockpit, you will get the best SEO data available on the market. SECockpit is not limited to its database and provides you better keywords than its competitors.

SECockpit provides market potential data to you. You can get more profitable traffic to your business.

Organize keywords

SECockpit is also valuable in organizing your keywords and associated data in a folder.

This software has an excellent feature that is it can filter and help you find ideal keywords for specific aspects and your niche.

SECockpit’s excel sheet design will give you keywords with low competition and good search volume for your blogs, and you can also create separate files to organize your keywords.

Competition analysis

SECockpit has an extensive keyword analysis that will be a good point for competition analysis.

It can provide PageRank, Backlinks Facebook likes and shares, and domain authority to give you great insight.

You can compare your targeted keywords with your competition to influence ranking.

Outstanding training material

A beginner requires training material before using an application. The manuals and video tutorials of this SECockpit will explain all the aspects and functions in detail.

It will be easier for you to start using this software and find accurate and awesome keywords for your content.

You can learn to calculate the value of your keyword and can compare it with your competitors by the tutorial videos.

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SECockpit’s pricing

SECockpit's pricing
SECockpit’s pricing

SECockpit provides you with three different packages. These can be paid monthly or annually.

The personal package

This is the cheapest option available for you. It costs $39 per month and $299 per year. The annual package will save you 169 dollars.

The features of the personal package are:

  • Ten keyword searches per day
  • 800 search results per keyword
  • Keyword ideas via Google AdWords
  • Browser compatibility
  • 30- days money return guarantee

The Pro package

The pro package will cost $59 per month, and if you want the annual package, it will cost $499 per year. The annual package will save you 209 dollars.

The features of the pro package are:

  • 50 keyword searches per day
  • 10,000 search results per keyword
  • Keyword ideas via Google AdWords, Google related searches, YouTube, amazon
  • A rank tracker that will track daily website rankings
  • 50 daily tracker keywords
  • Browser compatibility
  • 30-days money return guarantee

The Agency package

This is the most expensive package. The Agency package will cost $99 per month, and if you want the annual package, it will cost $899 per year. The annual package will save you 289 dollars.

The features of the Agency package are:

  • Unlimited keyword searches
  • 10,000 search results per keyword
  • Keyword ideas via Google AdWords, Google related searches, YouTube, amazon
  • Rank Tracking
  • Ranking data for mobile devices and desktop
  • 100 daily tracked keywords
  • Pdf and email reports
  • Browser compatibility
  • 30-days money return guarantee

Free trial

There is a free trial of 7 days. You can sign up free of cost through Google.

Pros and cons of SECockpit


  • SECockpit can process keywords at a much faster rate as compared to other keyword research tools.
  • Has quality keyword analysis
  • Provides awesome support
  • Can organize your keyword lists and corresponding data
  • Can track your ranking
  • Fantastic competitor research tool
  • Dashboard for both desktop and mobile devices
  • It provides competitive keyword data


  • It is an expensive tool
  • It lacks integrations

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Get started with SECockpit

To get started with SECockpit, you have to buy the tool.

As you log in to SECockpit, you will find three guiding methods which you can select.

  • Quick start guide
  • Tutorial videos
  • Helpdesk

You can sign up with Google.

If you want to avail of the free trial, sign up free using Gmail.

So, log in and enjoy tutorial videos, and then take advantage of this good tool.

SECockpit’s Alternatives

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an SEO software that offers all SEO tools needed to complete online marketing projects.

It is a 100% keyword rank checker and competitor research tool. Its pricing plan starts from 24.8 dollars per month.

It provides an optimum plan for 10 websites. But I think this tool is not as much faster than SECockpit.


SEMRush is another leading tool. It is online visibility management software.

It is a great tool for market research and can give you data for more than 140 countries. It can monitor over 200 million domains.

Its price starts from 99 dollars per month. It has great features but it is more expensive than SECockpit.

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Keyword tool

Online marketers and content creators also use this tool. It will help you discover thousands of long-tail keywords by Google search suggestions.

Its pricing plan starts from 89 dollars per month. It is also an expensive tool, but it also provides API integrations.

Coupon/Promo code/Discount

SECockpit provides coupons and promo codes. It is giving a 40% discount for the pro package. It is also providing an exclusive bonus.

If you sign up for SECockpit pro today, you will get a rank tracker for free.

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Customer Reviews

Nina Mikley

“I can organize my keyword lists and related data in folders. I like to use SECockpit as it has made my research process much easier and better.”

Sierra F. organ

“I found SECockpit an interesting and informative keyword research tool. Because of this I caneasily rank for high completion keywords. It has provided a huge traffic at my website.”

Andy Grey Jackson

“Keyword analysis by SECockpit is amazing. It can generate new keywords based on current ones. The traffic on my website has increased up to 34,467 per month. Due to this, our business has blown up.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SECockpit Is Faster Than Other Keyword Research Tools?

Yes, one of the best features of this tool is its speed. You can get 200 keywords processed accurately in a minute whereas other comparable tools take around two minutes.

Is This Tool Optimized For Mobile Use?

Yes, it is optimized for mobile devices. You can download the application from the play store and get started using your Gmail id.

Who Can Use SECockpit?

This tool is best for busy business owners and also web agencies can use it.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush