QuestionDB Pricing – Everything you should know

QuestionDB Pricing
QuestionDB Pricing

QuestionDB is not a typical or regular keyword tool. It is valuable for bloggers, content writers, marketers, and companies searching for a keyword database platform.

This platform is a powerful and profitable tool that you can use to find tons of question keywords.

It is a tool that will let you find an immense collection of user questions to get the best and relevant ideas for your content.

QuestionDB will give you a list of questions related to your keyword. User’s questions relevant to your topic that could assist you in your research can be like:

1.      What are people interested in?

2.      What problems do they have?

3.      What do people care about?

QuestionDB will give you many new and great content ideas. The above questions can be the perfect opportunity to write comprehensive content that will cover all the questions running in people’s minds.

QuestionDB has created an extensive database based on the queries asked on Reddit (a platform utilized by millions daily to discuss issues or find answers and solutions they need).

It will provide economical use of keywords to make your website rank higher by utilizing proper and best keywords.

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SEO Tool NameQuestionDB
Plan Start From $10 per month
Key FeaturesBest blog topic idea generator, Uncovers audience’s questions, Immense information storage, Provides unlimited searches, Provides Partnership chance, Convenient tool.
WebsiteClick Here

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questionDB Features
questionDB Features

Best Blog Topic Generator

QuestionDB is the best blog topic generator tool that will allow the bloggers to search a massive collection of users’ questions to get the best and original ideas for new content.

When you enter a keyword in QuestionDB, you will find several questions people ask about that keyword.

It is up to you to choose the best words to generate the most exemplary topic of your content.

The best topic will get more potential customers on your website. I personally found this tool best to generate great content for me when I started blogging.

Uncover audience’s questions

QuestionDB will give you a list of questions asked by the audience related to your keyword.

First of all, you have to choose the right keyword that will give you an extensive list of questions related to it.

Now you can go through these questions and can get the ideas for your content. You can compile those questions into an extensive and searchable database.

By this, you can write comprehensive content that will get more organic traffic.

Immense information storage

QuestionDB stores the questions asked on search engines by victimizing practical algorithms and then associating them with words.

This will provide a new blogger with immense information to write in their content. You can get large chunks of knowledge related to a single keyword.

The QuestionDB has around 48 million questions kept in various classes.

This is because of the usage of economic algorithms and ample cupboard space.

This tool will facilitate you to gather the immense and best information to increase your website ranking by using good keywords.

Unlimited searches

If you just use other research tools, you get the same ideas always. This cannot be useful for a new blogger who is struggling to rank their blog higher.

But by using QuestionDB, it has become relatively easy to generate new content ideas because questions are continuously added to QuestionDB.

You can generate new and valuable content ideas quickly on a continuous basis for your blogging.

Provides partnership chance

This tool not only allows its users to use it solely but also provides a chance to create partnership deals with other blog owners to generate good content and to get the highest traffic.

SEO potency

QuestionDB will give you North American nation data on the keyword that you are using.

It would be appropriate to use it in terms of SEO by looking at the number of queries related to keywords.

QuestionDB’s Pricing and Plan

QuestionDB's Pricing and Plan
QuestionDB’s Pricing and Plan

Free plan

The free plan will allow users to sort by question popularity for casual ideation and understand your readers.

It will allow downloading CSV. The free plan provides a maximum of 40 to 50 results per search.

This free plan will be sufficient for users to see the fundamental progress. The free plan does not come with a deadline of a specific time.

You can use the free version for as long as you want until you decide to move up to the premium features.

Pro plan

Pro plan costs 10 dollars per month. It is very affordable for the users to avail themselves of its features without the hassle of extra money.

Pro plan is for deep dives into topics and to get ideas for ongoing content. It allows its user to sort by new questions added to QuestionDB.

This plan provides 800 to 1000 results per search. Pro plan provides you unlimited searches and API access.

QuestionDB pros and cons


  • This tool is easy to use. It has inherent options that make it terribly versatile and straightforward to use
  • The tool has designed sensible engines and algorithms.
  • It has a set of valuable queries and a large dataset.
  • Provides its users with the opportunity to form partnership deals.


  • QuestionDB is search-dependent and therefore keeps hooking into client searches.
  • Its computer program is not that much convenient, and the user interface is high.
  • Not various information is available.
  • Uses searches only from Reddit and a few other websites.

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Getting started with QuestionDB

  1. To get started with QuestionDB, make an account and log in to the app.
  2. Enter a general or broad keyword in this tool.
  3. If you have chosen a suitable keyword, it will provide you an extensive list of questions.
  4. Whether you are using a free or paid version of QuestionDB, you will get a long list of specific questions.
  5. You can use these questions as content for your blog.
  6. Keep the “source” button on so that you can click through to where the question was initially asked.
  7. There is a download option from where you can download the topics.

QuestionDB Alternatives

Moz Pro

Pricing of Moz Pro plan starts from 99 dollars per month. It helps in high ranking, quality traffic, and measurable results as it is much costly than QuestionDB; it is generally tricky for beginners to purchase.

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Raven tools

It is a digital SEO tool. It is best for rank tracking, reporting, and website auditing. Its pricing plan starts from 49 dollars per month.

Reven Tools does not contain a free version. It enhances visualization for quick backlinks. It is efficient but also costlier compared to QuestionDB.

Searchmetrics tool

It is a popular content marketing SEO tool. It helps its users to form and develop an organic search history.

Its pricing plan starts from 68 dollars per month. Searchmetrics Tool has a free trial on the market.

It is a rank observance tool, but it does not provide you with a stock of questions for your content.

Keyword Snatcher

Keyword Snatcher pricing plan starts from 47 dollars. Brands and companies use it to seek a keyword research solution.

It is also costlier than QuestionDB. It generates local keywords from a database of 3 million cities.

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January coupon/promo code/discount

QuestionDB provides you with a special discount. At this time, it is giving you a 30% discount on its Pro plan for the annual package.

This discount is limited, so get this tool and start blogging right away before they take down the offer. 

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Christian T

“QuestionDB is an immense information storage tool. By using this, I can gather a large chunk of knowledge.”

Brandon L

“It is the best blog topic idea generator for me. I can find a good collection of questions asked by people to write content.”

Olivia H

“It is a set of such a large dataset of queries and economic algorithms from Reddit.”

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Frequently Asked Question

Is QuestionDB An Efficient Tool?

Yes, it is an efficient tool and has around 48 million questions that are kept in various classes.

It can facilitate to increase your website ranking, but I am uncertain why this tool is not getting enough hype from bloggers.

Does This Have A Free Trial?

Yes, the free plan has a bunch of free features without the restriction of time.

Does It Provide A Partnership Chance?

Yes, it provides a partnership chance. You can create partnership deals with the owner and use its resources which are more profitable.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush