Moz Keyword Explorer Pricing

Moz Keyword Explorer Pricing
Moz Keyword Explorer Pricing

As you may already know, the vast majority of the traffic arriving at your websites comes from search engines.

This is why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered one of the most important aspects of websites, webpages, and content optimization and why we thought that a Moz Keyword Explorer review could help you understand how to do it with a professional tool.

Optimizing your web content for search engines means that you need to create your content keeping deeply into account how search engines and their algorithms work.

Doing it on your own isn’t always easy: how can you know what are the most trending keywords? How can you know what’s the ideal length for a blog post?

All these questions are usually answered by SEO tools: software tools that help you optimize your web pages for search engines, letting you know when you are doing a good job and what needs improvement.

As a consequence, the quality of the SEO tool you rely on will affect the quality of your content and the ranking your webpages will obtain on search engines (and, as a consequence, the amount of traffic on your webpages). 

Moz Keyword Explorer is considered one of the best and most effective SEO tools available.

Despite its name, it can provide many other features other than simple keyword research (that is, in any case, extremely important).

Let’s find out anything you need to know about his toll in our Moz Keyword Explorer Review.

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SEO Tool NameMoz Keyword Explorer
Plan Start From$179 per month
Key FeaturesTraffic analysis, Rankings tracking, Website analysis, Pages optimization, Link finder, Reports
WebsiteClick Here

Moz Keyword Explorer Review: what is it?

Moz Keyword Explorer Review: what is it?
Moz Keyword Explorer Review: what is it?

Moz Keyword Explorer is a web app that you can use in two ways: when you need to create SEO optimized content, and when you need to check your website and web pages SEO performances.

  1. Content SEO assistant

You can use  Moz Keyword Explorer to search for trending keywords. 

The software does more than simply provide you with trending keywords: it gives you plenty of data about volume, competition, price per click, and more.

With this tool, you can’t only optimize your content, but also understand what kind of content is more worth dealing with on your platforms.

  1. SEO analysis

Moz Keyword Explorer analyzes your website and webpages and tells you how healthy is their SEO optimization.

With this tool, you can understand what kind of content is being more profitable, where you need to improve, and what you need to eliminate because it’s cost-consuming.

Furthermore, the SEO analysis tool also gives you an understanding of how your website, or website, is performing compared to the competition.

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Why Choose Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is the best SEO tool for both amateurs and professionals. 

If you are maintaining a blog as a hobby, you can exploit  Moz Keyword Explorer features and make sure you are creating quality content from any point of view. 

Professionals can exploit the full Moz Keyword Explorer potential with the upgraded version.

This version allows you to address all the information you need with one glance.

It’s your only chance to understand your website’s performance and how to improve it over time.

Moz Keyword Explorer Review: Plans and Pricing in comparison

Moz Keyword Explorer provides one main plan plus three additional ones. It costs $179 per month and the only offer that is made is 1 free month.

In other words, you have a 30-day trial that allows you to exploit and test all the features.

If you don’t like what you get, you can cancel your subscription and never pay a single dollar.

If you, on the contrary, want to continue using Moz Keyword Explorer you’ll pay $179 per month starting for the second month of use.

There is, however, a way of saving some money: if you opt for the yearly rate, you’ll end up paying $143 per month instead of 179 (but you need to pay all 12 months at once).

As we’ve mentioned the 179 dollar plan is the most popular plan but it’s not the only one. There are:

  • The standard plan at $99 per month only provides basic SEO features. This is ideal for beginners.
  • The Large plan at $299 per month. If you run an online business and search engine traffic is vital for you, then you may want to consider this plan.
  • The Premium plan at $599 per month. This is extremely expensive and only large companies may consider purchasing this.

For all these plans, you can save money if you choose to be billed yearly instead of monthly.

Moz Keyword Explorer Review: Pros & Cons

Let’s try to summarize our Moz Keyword Explorer review with a list of pros and cons.


  • As you’ll learn in the paragraph down below where we discuss all the Moz Keyword Explorer main features, this software is equipped with everything you need to create optimized content on one side, and – on the other – monitor your web page’s performances in terms of SEO.
  • The 30-day free trial is extremely useful, especially because this isn’t exactly cheap software. Before having to pay your monthly subscription, with this free trial you have the chance to understand the software completely and make sure it works for you and your needs. In simple terms, you can avoid bad surprises.
  • The Moz Keyword Explorer software isn’t useful only for website owners but also for freelancers that manage websites for other people. The possibility of creating reports eases the work of freelancers at the moment they need to show or discuss their work.


  • Moz Keywords Explorer isn’t the cheapest SEO software tool available at all. On the other hand, the higher price corresponds to a higher quality. There is a free trial but it’s not something that beginners or users with a little budget can keep on using. For this reason, Moz Keywords Explorer remains more suitable for professionals or anyone who is planning on building a career out of their online activity.
  • The Moz Keyword Explorer’s algorithms are optimized for the US public. It doesn’t mean that people working outside of the US can’t use it, but – of course – US websites can take the best out of this tool. ANy website that is targeted to an English-speaking audience can also make good use of this software, while websites in other languages may prefer other tools.

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Moz Keyword Explorer: Features

  1. Traffic analysis

This software helps you understand how people are coming to your website: what keywords are they using? What are they most interested in? 

You can also organize and save this data in useful reports that you can save or share with your team, clients, or boss.

  1. Rankings tracking

Moz Keyword Explorer provides a feature that tracks your ranking. This is extremely important to understand what’s working and what’s not, find new strategies to improve, and keep on pushing on those things that are being most profitable.

  1. Website analysis

Moz Keyword Explorer runs a deep analysis of your website and web pages. It digs very deep so that it can find any small issue. It provides alerts when issues occur.

  1. Pages optimization

This software provides a score for the SEO of your web webpages. The score is an immediate parameter to understand how your content can perform on the web. It’s also useful to compare different pages and their outcomes.

  1. Link finder

As you may already know, links are an important aspect of SEO. It’s important that your content has links that aim to other pages within or without your own website. Keeping track of all the possible links you can insert in one content is no easy job: Moz Keywords Explorer has a feature that helps you find links.

  1. Reports

For all the data that this software can provide, it can create reports that you can save and compare, or share with your team, boss, or clients.

Moz Keyword Explorer: Customer Service 

The Moz Keyword Explorer’s team provides tons of material that can help you understand every single aspect of the software and how to use it. It’s all accessible in the Help section of their main website.

However, if you need deeper and customized help, you can always contact them directly through the form they put at your disposal.

You can find it in the Help section and then click Contact Help, or simply here.

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Moz Keyword Explorer review: the final verdict

Our Moz Keyword Explorer review has shown that this is an advanced software tool for SEO.

It can be useful at any level but it’s particularly suitable for professionals or wannabe ones.

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Moz Keyword Explorer Review: FAQ

Does the free trial require a credit card?

Yes, when you subscribe for the free trial you are requested to enter your credit card number.

However, they won’t charge you a dollar. At the end of the 30 days, they’ll charge you the first monthly fee.

During this first month, you can unsubscribe and you won’t have to pay anything.

What version do I have access to when I subscribe to the free trial?

When you subscribe to the free trial, you’ll unlock all the features that are included in the Pro Plan (the $179 one).

Can I have the 30-day free trial if I subscribe to the yearly plan?

Yes, you can and this is how to do it: subscribe to the free trial and then update your subscription to the one you desire.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush