Merchant Words Keyword Tool Pricing 2022 – Pros & Cons, Plans & Summary

Sometimes, those who focus on SEO and the optimization of their keywords are only bloggers and website managers.

This is a mistake because everyone on the Internet needs to optimize their keyword if they want to be seen, online sellers included.

For them, there are specific tools like the one we are discussing here in our Merchant Words Keyword Tool Review.

This is a software tool specifically designed to help sellers find the most converting keywords on the biggest marketplace in the world: Amazon.

As you’re about to discover, Merchant Words is more than a simple keyword searching tool.

It allows you to analyze your competition, find product opportunities, and create a successful selling business.

Let’s find out anything you need to know in our Merchant Words Keyword Tool review.

Merchant Words Keyword Tool Pricing
Merchant Words Keyword Tool Pricing


SEO Tool NameMerchant Words Keyword Tool
Plan Start FromPlans starting from $35 per month
Key FeaturesDigital Shelf, Keyword Multiplier, Page 1 Products, Market Insights, Classic Search, Emerging Trends, Keyword Advisor
WebsiteClick Here

Merchant Words Keyword Tool Review – what it is?

Merchant Words Keyword Tool
Merchant Words Keyword Tool

Merchant Words is web software. It means that you don’t need to install anything on your computer and that you can use its service from anywhere in the world, and from any device.

When you purchase the service, you are given a couple of login credentials with which you can access your dashboard and use the software tool.

Merchant Keyword could be considered a toolset: it provides users with a set of Amazon SEO tools to collect data and provide the best information possible.

In particular, there 9 different tools that you can exploit, and they are all well integrated so that you can easily pass from one to another.

See the features section of our Merchant Words Keyword Tool review to discover all the 9 products included with this toolset.

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Why Choose Merchant Words Keyword Tool 

If you are a seller and if Amazon is your main marketplace, then there is no other keyword tool more suitable for you than Merchant Words Keyword Tool.

As we’ll see in our Merchant Words Keyword Tool review, the tools included in this set are specifically aimed at Amazon sellers.

Other keyword tools may work, but they won’t let you make the difference as this one can.

Merchant Words Keyword Tool Review – Plans and Pricing in comparison

Merchant Words Keyword Tool Review - Plans and Pricing
Merchant Words Keyword Plans and Pricing

Merchant Words provide several plans starting from $35 per month.

By providing all these plans they make sure they can be scalable: accessible to beginners and able to respond to the necessities of a bigger business.

With them, you can start using this powerful tool, with limited features, with $35 per month, and pass on to the more expensive and advanced plans as your business grows.

These are the plans available:

  • Silver (up to 500 searches): $35 per month;
  • Gold (up to 1000 searches): $79 per month;
  • Platinum (Unlimited searches): $149 per month;
  • Enterprise (Unlimited searches, with premium features): $749 per month.

For all the plans available, you can save a lot every month by subscribing to a yearly plan instead of a monthly one (you are going to pay once every year instead of every month.

The initial expense would be higher, but the total price would be lower).

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Merchant Words Keyword Tool Review – Pros & Cons


  • The services are optimized for 10 countries (and markets).
  • The software is organized into different tools and it’s extremely easy to navigate between them.
  • The different tools are perfectly integrated
  • Reports are clear, easy to understand, and well-arranged graphically so that, if you need to share them, you only need to click a button.
  • It allows you to run your searches and save the results of those searches in a well-organized manner.
  • A lot of educational material.


  • It could be expensive for beginners, even if they opt for the cheaper plan
  • It’s a keyword searching tool but it’s strictly related to selling, and selling on Amazon. If you use other marketplaces too you need another tool in addition to this.

Merchant Words Keyword Tool Review – Features

As we’ve mentioned, Merchant Words provide a set of 9 tools.

To use the different tools and browse through them, you can use the convenient vertical bar on the left of the Merchant Word main page. Every tool is indicated with an abbreviation. 

Digital Shelf – Ds

With this feature, you can investigate how your products can rank in the Amazon marketplace.

You can also exploit this data to maximize your strategy and understand what are the best-selling products each season.

Keyword Multiplier – Kx

This tool is important for picking your keywords but also to enhance your keyword ideas.

It lets you discover complementary terms related to the original keywords you are searching for.

Page 1 Products – P1

When you are working as an online seller, you need to understand what kind of products are best-selling.

With this tool, you can have an overview of the top products for any keyword.

Market Insights- Mi

This is an analysis tool that gathers tons of market data and information. You can exploit these data to understand trends, your competitors, and market opportunities.

Classic Search – Cs

This is a very specific searching tool. It explores keywords but it focuses on actual Amazon customer searches.

ASIN Plus – A+

Keyword tools are also useful because they allow you to create effective long-tail keywords. This is a tool to find long-tail keywords for products and merch.

Emerging Trends – Et

As we’ve mentioned, when you are a seller, it’s vital to be able to understand trends. How do you understand them? Through powerful tools like this one.

Keyword Advisor – Ka

This is a feature that can speed up the keyword searching process.

Instead of running a keyword search, with this tool, you can have a periodic report on the most trending keywords (for example, every three days).

Listing Advisor – La

They provide a service for Amazon product listing SEO. If you require this service, the team is able to provide a report in 10 days (or even less)

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Merchant Words Keyword Tool Review – Customer Service efficiency

In our Merchant Words Keyword Tool review, we like to consider the quality of the company’s customer service as a sign of the reliability of the team and the efficiency of the tool itself. So, how good is Merchant Words customer service?

There is a help button on the main website of the platform through which you can start a chat with the support team.

However, this isn’t the usual support chat. When you click on the help button, a contact us form would pop up.

Through this, you can enter your data, describe your issue, and open a classic ticket.

Tickets aren’t the quickest way to receive support: you basically need to wait at least one day to receive an answer and they don’t allow you to communicate directly with a person as it happens on a chat or a phone call.

However, this doesn’t mean that the Merchant Words team is unreliable.

The ticket system is widely used, and it’s the way companies provide the deepest and more detailed customer service. Chats are usually meant to answer quick questions.

Merchant Words provide a lot o support in terms of education.

On their website, you can find tons of material to learn everything about how to use the platform and, also, how to optimize your product listing, create more conversions, increase your traffic, and more…

The material is provided through classic blog posts, but also videos and podcasts that makes the learning process a lot easier.

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Merchant Words Keyword Tool Review – the final verdict

As we’ve seen through our Merchant Words Keyword Tool review, we are quite happy with this keyword tool.

There are some cons, of course, but they don’t seem too relevant unless you are a complete beginner with a very small budget.

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Merchant Words Keyword Tool Review: FAQ

My target audience is outside USA, can I still use Merchant Words?

Yes, you can. At the moment, Merchatn Words analyzes data from searches within the following country:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Italy
  • Australia
  • India
  • Japan

Can I use Merchant Words with other marketplaces different from Amazon?

Merchant Words analyzes data from AMazon searches, However, many sellers use Merchant Words analyzes even if they use other marketplaces as well, because, being Amazon a world leader in the selling sector, it provides insights that can be exploited for every other online marketplace.

How many users can use Merchant Words with 1 subscription?

All the plans provide access for only one user. However, the Platinum plan provides access to.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

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