LongTailPro Pricing – Which Plan is best for you?

Long Tail Pro Pricing is probably one of the best SEO Keyword Research Tool. It was established in 2011 by Spencer Haws. In this article of LongTailPro Pricing Review, we have mentioned all the things in brief.

Its main objective is to find low-competition good keywords for SEO to help web owners. It saves you’re a lot of time.

You can enter more than 5 keywords at once and in research, you get hundreds of different keyword suggestions and their alternatives.

It’s a very quick way to find low-competition keywords for your website. 

It collects data from Google Adwords and Majestic and delivers you the most useful information which includes advertiser bids, keyword competition score, and rank value.

Long Tail Pro doesn’t require you to be an SEO Tool mater, its user interface is so easy and simple that you don’t need to worry about how to use it if you haven’t used any SEO Tool before.

It’s not just a Keyword Research tool, it’s way much more than it. 

LongTailPro Pricing
LongTailPro Reviews


SEO Tool NameLongTailPro
FeaturesSERP Analysis, Profound Keyword Research,
Rank Tracker.
WebsiteClick Here

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Features Of LongTailPro

Features Of LongTailPro
Features Of LongTailPro

Long Tail Pro has many features. Some main features are described below:

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is one most important features of Long Tail Pro. In software, the keyword research option is on the top left of the screen.

When you click on it, you can enter a single keyword or you can search about a phrase or more than 5 keywords which in the term of Long Tail Pro is called ‘Seed Keyword’.

Then when you click on “Generate Keywords & Fetch Data” it collects all the related data from Google and Majestic and then it is delivered to you.

The data collected by Long Tail Pro is very useful.

Most of the keywords shown in the results are low-competition and some of them are common language words because you know when you get hundreds of results for a keyword, not every word could be perfect according to your desires.

You have to choose the correct keywords or phrases for your content or website. 

User Interface

Long Tail Pro has a very easy user interface. It is very well organized that you don’t feel stressed while using it.

All the features are lined up so well that you don’t need to worry about finding anything and can work so easily and quickly.

It also provides you with training videos from which you can learn Long Tail Pro quickly. 

For beginners, Long Tail Pro offers SEO courses so they could learn how an SEO Tool works and more details about Long Tail Pro. 

Real-Time Filter

This is another amazing feature of Long Tail Pro. This feature lets you choose how many search results you want globally or locally for keywords or phrases.

Average Keyword Competitiveness

This feature uses its algorithm to calculate the competition of any keyword and gives you a result as a number from 1-to 100.

From this feature, you can decide which keyword is better for you which could help you rank higher. 

Rank Checker

This is a very good feature for you. From this feature, you know the position of your website and where your website ranks when someone searches for your targeted words.

You just enter the domain or URL of targeted Keywords and Long Tail Pro will show you the results of ranking where your keywords stand.

You can even select the countries and check your keywords ranking in different countries. 

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Long Tail Pro Pricing Free Trial and Discounts

If you’re a beginner and you are not ready to take any risk by subscribing to any plan of Long Tail Pro pricing and want to check Long Tail Pro features and how it works, Long Tail Pro has made it easier for you.

For your ease, Long Tail Pro has provided a free trial that lasts for 7 days.  In these 7 days, you can try any feature of Long Tail Pro without any kind of restrictions.

For these features, you need to pay if you subscribed to any plan but in this free trial, everything is free for 7 days.

More than a free trial, Long Tail Pro also provides you a 30% discount on any of their plan if you pay yearly.

The discount is only offered if you pay Long Tail Pro Pricing on yearly basis. 30% Discount is offered on every plan which becomes almost 3 and half months, which is such a good offer indeed. 

After the discount, we talk about something more for your ease. Long Tail Pro gives you 10 days money-back guarantee.

If somehow you think Long Tail Pro is not what you expected or you want to unsubscribe to its any plan, you just fill up their form and in 10 days you get your money back. 

Pricing and Plans

Long Tail Pro Pricing and Plans
Long Tail Pro Pricing and Plans

It has three basic plans which can be proved very useful for your working platform. It has different plans starting from beginners to great work agencies.

The list of these plans are following: 

  • Starter Plan.
  • Pro Plan.
  • Agency Plan.

Now if we talk about these plans, it’s easy. You can subscribe to any of these plans by paying them monthly or by subscribing to them for a year and get a good discount.

By subscribing to them you get a list of features that changes plans to plans. Let’s talk about the plans.

Starter Plan

If you’re a beginner, this plan would be the best choice for you.

You get the subscription of this plan by paying $37 per month or by paying $297 per year but after the discount, you just need to pay $147 for one year.

Features of Starter Plans:

  • 800 Keywords Research, Keywords Competition calculations, SERP lookups per day.
  • 30 tracked keywords and unlimited Tracked Domains.
  • Daily Rank updates.
  • Site Audit for 2 projects.
  • Account Management for 1 account.

Pro Plan

This plan is mostly used by the users who are working from sometimes have an idea how to work or someone who wants to grow their work more. 

The plan is subscribed by paying $67 per month or $268 per year after a discount. In this plan you get the same features but more than Starter Plan.

Features of Pro Plans:

  • You get 2500 Keywords Research, KC Calculations, and SERP analysis per day.
  • Also get unlimited Tracked domains and 200 Tracked Keywords with daily rank updates.
  • You get a Site Audit for 5 projects and 1000 pages crawled per crawl. 
  • Also get 3 simultaneous logins and you can even call an SEO specialist once a month.

 Agency Plan

This plan is for agencies or users who work on a very great platform. To subscribe to this plan you need to pay $147 monthly and $588 after discount if you want the yearly subscription.

The features are more than the Starter and Pro Plans.

Features of Agency Plan

  • You get access to 6000 Keywords Research, KC Calculations, and SERP analysis per day.
  • 1000 tracked Keywords and unlimited Tracked Domains plus daily updates.
  • Site Audit for 10 projects and 2000 pages crawled per crawl. 30 crawls per day & 30 crawl per project.
  • Account Management for 5 accounts and can call twice an SEO Specialist per month.

Pros and Cons Long Tail Pro


  • Gives keywords Suggestions in Bulks. The keywords are less competition and with the help of them, it’s more likely for you to rank higher.
  • The rank trackers work so accurately and are easy to use.
  • You can use several projects for multiple websites and organize your keywords per category or website.
  • Long Tail Pro gives very good discounts on its plans if we pay annually. It gives 4 free months in discounts. 
  • The Keywords Competition Score works so well.


  • They could increase the limit of manual keywords. 
  • The features are really amazing but the amount of bugs is much more.
  • Display could have been made better.

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Alternatives of Long Tail Pro

Some alternatives of Long Tail Pro are:

  1. Google Search Console
  2. Moz Pro.
  3. SEMrush.
  4. Ahrefs.
  5. Screaming Frog.

Customer Reviews

“Klemen V

Super efficient UI that makes long-tail keyword research super fast and easy. A large database makes research reliable. A super-efficient app, but try to get an affiliate link to claim some discount. Pro plan with 2500 KWs per day for more than enough unless you are an agency.”

“Justin W

Keyword research and ranking relative to the strength of your domain.  It’s probably the most price-competitive SEO solution for what it offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is simple and easy to use. It even gives you video lessons about how to use Long Tail Pro.

What is the best keyword research tool?

  1. WordStream’s Keyword Tool.
  2. Soolve.
  3. Google Keyword Planner.
  4. Long Tail Pro.
  5. Serpstat.
  6. Where can I find long-tail keywords for free?

Long Tail Keyword is not always free but it gives you a free trial for 7 days in which you can check all the features without any restrictions. 

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush