KWFinder Pricing – Everything you should know

KWFinder is one of the top-notch SEO tools that is created by the Mangools.

Just as the name shows, It is a keyword research tool that assists you with countless keywords without any difficulty.

Since the day it was created, it has been given a tough time to some of the top SEO tools.

It has billions of data sets with improved quality, which are regularly updated.

They also upload new features and add more tools to the KWFinder periodically.

KWFinder is an essential tool for content creators, marketers, and influencers to be up to date with trends and ahead of the game.

It has been used by many to increase their clientele and improve their businesses. This platform not only helps you with SEO but also helps you create a search campaign.

KWFinder also allows you to create lists of prospective keywords, their history, their amount of searches, and a lot more.

KWFinder is an excellent tool for a more significant number of keywords and broader markets. It provides you with all the insight you need regarding a keyword.

KWFinder has one of the vast data sets out there, it has more than 2.5 billion keywords, and more than 20 million keywords are added to their data sets every month.

It has data sets of more than 100 million competitor’s keywords and they update it every month.

KWFinder covers 52 different locations to help you get more localized data. There’s much more to this data; let’s get into it.

KWFinder Pricing
KWFinder Pricing


KWFinder An SEO tool 
FoundedAugust 2014 
Price Start From49USD/month
Key FeaturesFind hidden long-tail keywords, Competitor’s keywords
WebsiteClick Here

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Key Features Of KWF

Key Features Of KWFinder
Key Features Of KWFinder

There are many reasons to use the KWFinder, but some of the main reasons are given below;

Find Hidden Long Tail Keywords

As the name suggests, this feature lets you search for the keywords easily and tells you hundreds of the linked keywords.

It helps you with the three essential steps of keyword research: find the keyword, analyze it, and use it.

After selecting your keywords, it enables you to examine their potential by providing the data related to their trends, and average monthly searches.

The average cost per click, the competition compared to others on Google Ads, and the difficulty rating of the keyword.

This way, you can easily select, analyze and use the keywords you like. 

Competitor’s Keywords

This is a significant feature; I may even say that it is the most critical feature.

It is imperative always to keep an eye on your competitors no matter what you do in today’s world.

Not just that, you also have to try and keep yourself ahead of the competition.

Well, this feature of KWFinder lets you do exactly that; you do not need to scroll through thousands of keywords to figure out which ones your competitors are using; instead.

You simply have to put the domain of your competitors in KWFinder. It will provide you with a list of all the keywords your competitor is using. 

Google Suggest Keyword Source

Google Suggest is a program that helps you find keywords and phrases linked to your initial main keyword.

You might be familiar with the program since it is the same one that Google uses for making its search engine reliable.

The same program gives you suggestions by sometimes completing what you type or adding to what you type in the search bar.

It is one of the best programs in the world, and KWFinder uses it. Whenever you search a keyword or phrase in KWFinder.

It uses Google Suggest to find the best possible suggestions for you. This also lets you search keywords based on questions.

It is helpful to know the questions people might have about the product or service you provide and be prepared for the answers beforehand.

Localized Keyword Research

This is an essential feature for small businesses starting in the market.

This feature lets them search out all the prospective keywords and questions their clientele that people from their local area may have.

You can also search keywords in the language of the area you are interested in. This allows you to attract a new and diverse clientele. 

Filter Keywords that are not Profitable

This is also a vital feature as it lets you filter out the low-ranking keywords that are costing you money and use high-ranking keywords to optimize your budget and website correctly.

You can eliminate low-ranking keywords by using filters when searching for them. Just put in the minimum amount of searches, and it will automatically filter them all out.

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KWFinder Pricing and plans

KWFinder Pricing and plans
KWFinder Pricing and plans

It has two types of pricing plans; you can either choose to pay annually or monthly.

Annual plans will cost you approximately 40% less than the monthly plans.

They have three subscription options Mangools Basic, Mangools Premium, and Mangools Agency.

All of the subscription options are explained below;

Mangools Basic

This is great for solo content creators, influencers, or marketers. A single person can only use this account at a time.

You can look up to 100 keywords in 24 hours, and you will get up to 200 suggestions linked to your keyword.

With that, you can look up to 25 keywords used by your competitors. You can also look up to 25 sites in 24 hours. You can either pay 49USD per month or pay annually.

Which makes it 29.90USD per month. By choosing to pay annually, you can save 229.20USD.

Mangools Premium

Mangools Premium is a subscription plan for a team. It is excellent for small businesses.

This subscription lets three persons use the account at the same time.

You can look up around 500 keywords in 24 hours, and you will get up to 700 keyword suggestions linked to your keyword.

This subscription also lets you look up unlimited keywords used by your competitors.  You can look up 70 sites in 24 hours.

You can either pay 69USD per month, or you can pay annually and pay 39.90USD per month; by choosing to pay annually, you can save 349.20USD.  

Mangools Agency

This subscription is more suited for a marketing firm or somewhere with high requirements for keyword searches.

Ten persons at the same time can use this account. You can look up to 1200 keywords in 24 hours, and you will get 700 suggestions linked to your account.

And just like Mangools Premium subscription, you can look up unlimited keywords used by your competitors. This subscription lets you look up to 150 sites in 24 hours.

For this subscription, you can either pay 129USD per month or pay annually and pay 79.90USD per month; by choosing to pay annually, you can save 589.20USD.

KWFinder Pros and Cons


  • Has a great graphic user interface.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Is cheap compared to others. 


  • It lacks some features which its competitors provide.
  • You cannot research multiple tabs. 

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Getting Started with KWFinder

All you need to do to get started with KWFinder is make an account on their site using your email. And just like that, you are done; you now have access to KWFinder.

You get a free ten days trial, and then you have to select a subscription plan and pay for it to access the account for longer.

KWFinder Alternatives


Ubersuggest is a great SEO tool. One of the main advantages of Ubersuggest is how fast it is.

But its numbers are not always correct, which is a problem you will not face with KWFinder.

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Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools there is.

But being the best comes with a price, and Ahrefs comes with a massive cost with its plans ranging from 99USD to 999USD, which is probably out of budget for many of us.

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Promos Codes and Discounts

KWFinder does not have any promo codes for now, but they have put them out before, and they might do it again.

To get promo codes or any information about discounts, you should sign up for their newsletter to always be up to date with everything happening at the KWFinder.

KWFinder does give out huge discounts if you decide to pay annually instead of paying monthly.

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Greg John Kaplan

“KWFinder is a great SEO, and it is a lot cheaper than its alternatives.,the ”

Steve Fischer

“KWFinder is my go-to SEO tool for keyword research.”

Ed Malone

“Mangools really outdid themselves with KWFinder. One of the best tools out there.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is KWFinder?

KWFinder is an SEO tool. You can use search keywords to promote your brand, content, or create campaigns. It is beneficial for your business to grow.

How can I sign up with KWFinder?

You can quickly sign up for KWFinder with your email ID.

Are there any discounts on subscription plans?

Yes, you get great discounts if you choose to pay annually. It reduces the price by manifolds.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush