Keyworddit Pricing 2022 – Is Keyworddit worth using?

Keyworddit Pricing
Keyworddit Pricing

This Keyworddit review is for anyone whose activity online is focused on Reddit, one of the most famous online forums in the world.

As you may know, Reddit is a virtual place where users search for anything: instructions to do things, recommendations about things to buy, services to hire, clients for their products or services, and more…

Reddit is, therefore a resource for online marketers and digital entrepreneurs: they need to exploit this platform without underestimating it, and they need to optimize their content for Reddit.

If you want to optimize your content correctly you need a tool that provides some information and these are mainly related to keywords.

One of the best tools of the sort is certainly Keyworddit. Let’s find out anything you need to know about it in our Keyworddit Review.

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SEO Tool NameKeyworddit
Plan Start FromFree
Key FeaturesSearch by Subreddit name, Keyword suggestions, Search Volume, Context, Export
WebsiteClick Here

Keyworddit – what is Keyworddit?

Keyworddit - what is Keyworddit?
Keyworddit – what is Keyworddit?

Keyworddit is a keyword search tool specifically designed for Reddit, and it’s even more than that.

As you may already know, all search engines and all the online platforms that connect people to people work through algorithms.

However, not every algorithm works the same. This is why it’s important to use keyword research tools that can do the job on specific platforms. 

Some tools support multiple platforms and you can run keyword searches and then select the desired platform. However, almost none of them support Reddit.

If you want to work with Reddit and exploit the audience it can expose you to you’ll need a tool like Keyworddit.

As we’ve mentioned, not only its searches are focused on the forum platform, but it can also run Subreddits analysis and extrapolate a list of keywords.

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Keyworddit – why to chose it?

Reddit is a place where you can meet an audience. Keyworddit is the ideal keyword search tool for anyone who already discovered the power of Reddit.

Those who are not yet considering Reddit as a platform that you can exploit to grow your business should begin soon! 

In particular, Reddit helps find narrow and peculiar niches. If your business is focused on a particular niche, you should start browsing the subreddits, find a community that is interested in your niche and use it as a source of understanding and learning.

Always remember, that the keywords that you extrapolate from Keyworddit can be used to optimize your content even for other platforms – like Google.

You can also use that information as a creative source, to understand what a certain audience is more interested in, what they want to read, hear or watch, what are their problems or desires…

Keyworddit Review – Plans & Pricing

Keyworddit has no plans: it’s completely free! Using Keyworddit is extremely simple: not only is free, it doesn’t even require a subscription.

This way, you will never be bothered by promotional emails as it happens with other free platforms out there.

The Keyworddit website is the platform itself: you are immediately shown the search bar and you can begin your searches straight away.

Keyworddit – Pros & Cons


  • Keyworddit is completely free!
  • It provides a few but fundamental data: keyword suggestion and search volume for each of them;
  • It has an export button that allows you to save, print, or send an automatically created report.
  • A little help page is given (it’s included on the homepage) that gives you a better understanding of how the platform works, how you can exploit the data it provides, and where their info comes from.


  • The interface is extremely simple and intuitive. However, it isn’t the most advanced you’ll find. This is a minor limit if we consider that this is a free tool that you can use forever (not a free trial!).
  • There is no customer support. Free tools like this one, however, never offer customer support. You’ll hardly need support to use this tool: it’s extremely simple

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Keyworddit – Features

Keyworddit is a very simple tool. It is made by a simple search bar and it provides results down below.

Search by Subreddit name

You can use the search in two ways.

  1. Type down a keyword. Maybe it’s something related to your products, or something you’d simply like to write about. You’ll be shown the related subreddits to that keyword, and then the most searched keywords.
  2. You can type the name for a subreddit. This is most useful when you’ve found a community growing around a niche and you’d like to extrapolate keywords to understand what are they speaking about and things like that…

Keyword suggestions

When you’ve given the name for a subreddit, you are provided with two main data: keyword suggestions and search volume for each of them. 

You can use keyword suggestions to have an understanding of what are the specific topics Reddit’s users are discussing, optimize your own content, and boost content ideas.

Search Volume

As we’ve mentioned, for each keyword suggestion you are also given the related search volume.

This can give you a better understanding of how many users are actually discussing or searching a specific long-tail keyword.


If you click on context, you’ll be redirected to a Google result page.

It lets you understand what are the content – already published – that contains that keyword. This is a way of showing you the context for a specific keyword.

You can use this to boost your ideas around keywords: one thing is knowing the winning keywords, another is to come up with ideas on how to create quality content around them.


By clicking the export button, you can export the provided data and create a report that you can share with collaborators or clients.

Keyworddit – Customer Service efficiency

Keyworddit doesn’t provide any customer support. This isn’t a huge limit, however.

First of all, free tools like this rarely provide customer support: they are free so they don’t have a team of experts (employed by a company) behind them. 

Some support is given on the homepage of the tool that explains how the platform works, where it takes data from, and things like that.

If you need help… you can search on Reddit! Reddit is the place where community grows around any issue: you’ll certainly find someone who will be happy to help you!

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Keyworddit – the final verdict

Keyworddit is a precious tool. First of all, it’s completely free so it’s always worth a try.

It’s the only keyword research tool specifically created for Reddit and this makes it fundamental for anyone who wants to exploit the platform, or the data coming from that platform.

If you are a beginner, you can use this and other free tools, however, when you become a professional, you can pair Keyworddit with another more advanced tool.

You’ll hardly find yourself in a position where you’ll decide to completely abandon the use of this tool – because it’s too simple, too important and it’s free – but with time, you may want to combine it with another more advanced keyword search tool that also provides, for example, competition analysis.

Keyworddit Review: FAQ

Can I use the Keyworddit free version forever?

Yes. There is not a “free version”: Keyworddit is a free tool. There are no versions, there is the tool and it’s there for anyone to use it. So, yes, you can use Keyworddit for free forever!

Where are the search volume data taken from?

Search volumes data are taken from Grapewords. Grapewords is one of the most known professional keyword research tools available.

The collaboration with Grapewords is what allows Keyworddit to be such an advanced tool while also being completely free.

How can I use the results Keyworddit provides?

You can use the search results in many ways, and not only on Reddit.

For example, you can find low competition keywords that you can target directly: without a tool like this, it’ll be impossible to discover such a thing.

Second, you can use the results to understand your audience or to find it.

Keywords are just a surface, but they are also an important hint about what a community is more passionate about, what are they most interested in, what are they discussing in a given moment in particular…

All this information is vital to customize your content so that it responds to your audience’s needs.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush