2022 Keyword Tool Dominator Pricing Review

Seo is one of the most important aspects of your website optimization… even when your website is an e-commerce platform!

We’re proposing here a Keyword Tool Dominator Review because most of the keyword search tools out there aren’t optimized for e-commerce.

Keyword Tool Dominator Review
Keyword Tool Dominator Review

When you search for keywords for trending keywords, for example, in those tools, you are given the most trending results on the web in general, or in a particular area…but the results aren’t focused on e-commerce, and what people are searching on online stores.

Keyword Tool Dominator is a keyword searching tool optimized for e-commerce platforms.

With this tool, you can write content for your blog section, your product descriptions, and more according to what your targeted audience tends to search on online stores, other than search engines.

However, Keyword Tool Dominator is even more advanced than that! Ready to find out anything you need to know about one of the most powerful keyword searching software available?

Keep on reading our Keyword Tool Dominator Review!


SEO Tool NameKeyword Tool Dominator
Plan Start FromPlan Start from $29.99
Key FeaturesKeyword suggestionsKeyword RankingKeyword export Long-tail keywords, and many more

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Keyword Tool Dominator Review – what it is?

Keyword Tool Dominator
Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is more than a simple keyword searching tool because it provides specific tools to search for keywords on specific platforms.

These platforms are the most known search engines and e-commerces: if you are running your online business on these platforms, Keyword Tool Dominator is the most advanced tool you can access to.

In particular, Keyword Tool Dominator includes:

  1. Google Keyword Tool: it finds keyword and long-tail keyword suggestions from Google, the most popular search engine in the world.
  2. Amazon Keyword Tool: what are Amazon clients searching for in their search bar’ With this tool you can find out and also be provided with tons of keyword and long-tail suggestions to optimize your product descriptions on this platform.
  3. YouTube Keyword Tool: if you operate a lot on YouTube, you need to focus your keyword search and find on this platform. It’s true that YouTube is included in the Google offer, but the keywords users are searching specifically on this platform could be peculiar and you need to know what they are.
  4. Bing Keyword Tool: some Windows users prefer Bing to Google. With this tool, you can take a look at the suggestion for this search engine too.
  5. eBay Keyword Tool: if you are not using Amazon, but eBay for your business, then you may want to customize your keyword search on this platform. With this tool, you can.
  6. Etsy Keyword Tool: if you are an Etsy seller, this is the tool for you.
  7. Google Shopping Keyword Tool: if you are a seller, you can focus your keyword search on products people are searching on Google with this Google SHopping keyword tool.
  8. Walmart Keyword Tool: if you are active on the Walmart online platform too, this is the tool that can help you optimize your product descriptions.

Why Choose Keyword Tool Dominator 

At this point in our Keyword Tool Dominator Review, you may already guess why this software could be the best option for you, especially if you are a YouTuber or a seller. 

If you are a YouTuber, with this tool you can have a better understanding of what Google and Youtube users are searching online.

If you are a seller, you can have the best understanding o what people are searching for on each of the e-commerce platforms we’ve mentioned.

This is useful both if you sell on one of those platforms, or if you exploit many of them.

Keyword Tool Dominator Review – Plans and Pricing in comparison

Keyword Tool Dominator doesn’t require a subscription. What does it mean?

With most software out there you need to pay a monthly or yearly fee in order to keep on using the tool.

With Keyword Tool Dominator, instead, you have required a single payment.

With this payment, you get access to the full platform and to all future updates.

This method doesn’t have any limit when compared to the subscription one, but it has the great advantage of letting you save a lot of money.

You can purchase the single toolkit one by one or, if you need more than one, you can opt for a bundle purchase that’ll make you save even more money.

Single Toolkits Prices

  1. Google Keyword Tool: $49.99
  2. Amazon Keyword Tool: $49.99
  3. YouTube Keyword Tool: $29.99
  4. Bing Keyword Tool: $29.99
  5. eBay Keyword Tool: $39.99
  6. Etsy Keyword Tool: $29.99
  7. Google Shopping Keyword Tool: $29.99
  8. Walmart Keyword Tool: $39.99

Bundles Prices

If you need more than one toolkit, you can save up to 55% by purchasing a bundle. These are the ones available:

  1. Ecommerce Bundle. This includes all the e-commerce/shopping keyword tools and it costs $79.99 which is $109 less than what you’d spend if you purchased them separately.
  2. Keyword Tool Suite: this includes all the 8 keyword tools and costs $129.99 instead of $299.92 which is what you’d pay for the entire set of toolkits if you’d purchase each of them separately.

Keyword Tool Dominator Review – Pros & Cons


  • Advanced keyword research
  • Advanced keyword suggestion
  • Possibility of selecting only the necessary toolkits and saving some money
  • Bundle toolkits available


  • The Keyword Tool Suite is a bit expensive especially because you need to pay it in one single payment. 

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Keyword Tool Dominator – Features

A Keyword Tool Dominator Review wouldn’t be complete without a proper description of its features, so we’ve dedicated an entire paragraph to it.

Here are the Keyword Tool Dominator’s main features.

Keyword Ranking

When you search for a keyword, the software provides tons of data about it: search volume, competition, price per click, and more.

Keyword suggestion

There is also a keyword suggestion tool: if you are searching for keywords related to a specific topic, niche, or even keyword, this tool will suggest the best-ranking keyword and long-tail keywords to utilize.

Long-tail keywords

As you may already know, long-tail keywords are very important, especially when you are targeting specific needs.

Keyword Tool Dominator works to provide data and can suggest long-tail keywords for you to exploit.

Keyword export

You can export results from your queries on Keyword Tool Dominator in CSV or Excel. You save or print them.

This is extremely useful when you work in a team and you need to share information and – probably even more important – if you are a freelancer and need to share the search results with your clients.

Customized toolkits

As we’ve mentioned above, Keyword Tool Dominator provides customized toolkits for those who work on a specific platform.

If you only sell your products on Amazon, for example, you can purchase only the Amazon Toolkit and save a lot of money.

International marketplaces

When you purchase a toolkit specific for one marketplace, for example, Amazon, you can exploit the Keyword Tool Dominator’s features on many Amazon marketplaces spread all around the world.

One payment only

Keyword Tool Dominator doesn’t require any subscription.

You will purchase the software the old way: with 1 payment that gives you access to all the features, forever, and to all the future updates.

Keyword Tool Dominator review – Customer Service efficiency

You can contact Keyword Tool Dominator‘s customer service by filling out this form. You need to provide your name and email and explain your issue.

This isn’t the quickest way of receiving support when you need some, but the team answers all the queries.

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Keyword Tool Dominator review – the final verdict

Keyword Tool Dominator is a very advanced tool. There are some cons, mainly related to the absence of a free trial and the price of the biggest bundle, but the pros are certainly more important. 

Furthermore, this is a very specific software tool. Many keyword research tools have so many additional features that you pay for but you end up never using them.

This is, instead, a software tool designed to do a specific task – finding keywords – and its entire focus is on this task.

This is why, if you are searching for a tool for keyword searching, this is one of the best options out there.

Keyword Tool Dominator Review – FAQ

Does the tool provide search volume for suggested keywords?

Keyword Tool Dominator doesn’t provide search volume for suggested keywords because it would be misleading.

The tool offers keyword popularity indicators and a top ten, but a search volume for the suggested keyword would be inaccurate.

Is there any free trial?

There isn’t any free trial. This is a shame because free trials, even very short ones, can be extremely useful to understand if a tool can work for you.

How can I pay for this tool?

There are tons of payment methods available: Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express), Stripe, and PayPal.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush