Keyword Snatcher Pricing – Everything you should know

Keyword Snatcher Pricing
Keyword Snatcher Pricing

Keyword snatcher is a cloud-based, good value keyword research tool that offers hundreds or thousands of keywords.

It creates local keywords from the database of many sites. It allows you to discover keywords in any niche.

Keyword Snatcher is a web-based research tool that is effective for web admins, online marketers, bloggers, and content writers.

It is the best solution for business marketers to rise and dominate in their niche. This tool contains keywords data from 31 different countries.

Keyword snatcher was launched by Jonathan Leger, a respected software engineer, and online marketer, in 2014, helping users find thousands of searched keywords that their competitors have been overlooking for a long time.

It provides a huge list of keywords in a single search that benefits web admins in designing their niche.

A successor of keyword snatcher, Keyword Canine 3.0, is available in the market, but that is a sophisticated version; people did not like it.

Other well-known software by Jonathan Leger includes The Best Spinner, Article Builder, Instant Article Wizard, Nichejet, Instant Video Wizard, and many more.

His keyword snatcher is known for exceeding the Google keyword planner tool.

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2. KwFinderBest to find long-tail keywords
3. Keyword Tool DominatorBest for finding new trending keywords


SEO Tool NameKeyword Snatcher
Founded In2014
Plans start from$47 one time payment
WebsiteClick Here

Key Features Of Keyword Snatcher

Key Features Of Keyword Snatcher
Key Features Of Keyword Snatcher

Those who have been using other keyword tools for years fall in love with Keyword snatcher as soon as they are introduced to it.

Users find it amazing and worth working on due to its interesting features. Some of the main features are given below; 

Simple and long-tail keyword research

If you strive to find a simple yet accurate keyword for your blog content, keyword snatcher is the top-notch tool that will efficiently meet your needs.

The majority of online markets and webmasters still stick to Google Keyword Planner; they require a revolutionary application to let their site dominate the competitors.

Such people must need a consultation about the extraordinary working parameters of the state-of-the-art tool Keyword Snatcher.

Exceeds Google Keyword Planner

Not a feature but quality instead; Keyword Snatcher is a more advanced and diverse tool than Google Keyword Planner, which works in restriction mode.

To avoid the restriction mode of Google Keyword Planner, You should choose Keyword Snatcher that works in diverse modes.

I have recently invested in Keyword Snatcher, and I am impressed with its power and ease of use.

You can easily trust this tool to increase the traffic of your website.

Web-based Software

Keyword Snatcher is a reliable web-based software that can work with any operating device, including Windows, Mac, Tablets, Linux, and androids.

You will face no lags and difficulty in its operating system on your device.

You may think why I use and love this research tool so much, because, due to this, I can extract keywords that are neglected by other online marketers and my business competitors.

If you want to increase the value of your business, you should add this keyword tool to your tool gallery.

This tool can help you enhance the features of your products easily. This is an absolute and a focus-oriented tool you invest in.

Gathers Keywords from Multiple sources

Keyword Snatcher is a primary, high-quality, and well-designed tool.

It has its own algorithm for keyword research, and it extracts keywords from not only Google but other sources like Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, and eBay.

The new update of the tool also extracts keywords from Youtube. It extracts keyword suggestions from their sources and helps you build your broad keywords list.

If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality tool on a budget, then Keyword Snatcher is the best choice for you.

SEO and PPC Services

If you want to provide SEO services to other marketers or your own website, you can avail yourself of this chance through this research tool.

This aspect will drive your website traffic in a short time. You can rank your client’s website as well.

You can discover good words to put in a bid or on PPC (Pay per click) platforms.

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Pricing of Keyword Snatcher

Pricing of Keyword Snatcher
Pricing of Keyword Snatcher

Another unique property of Keyword Snatcher is that it does not offer recurring monthly subscriptions to its users.

This will save a lot of your money and time. It provides a lifetime subscription with a one-time payment. 

Free Trial

Unfortunately, you can not avail free trial of this research tool.

It does not provide a free trial version, but it gives you a purchase plan at a much lower cost, which is reasonable and beneficial for webmasters and online marketers, especially those new to the field.

Lifetime Plan

Cost: $47 (one time payment)

You can get lifetime access to Keyword Snatcher for just 47 dollars; yes, you read that right.

You can pay this amount through PayPal, VISA, Amex, and DISCOVER, whichever method you find easy.

You are also given a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can try its feature for a month without any risk.

The subscription will provide you with various features that will help increase your progress by manifolds.

Pros and Cons of Keyword Snatcher

Everything comes with some benefits and flaws so does keyword snatcher. To make it straightforward for you, some worthy of mention are given below.


  • Simple, affordable, and easy to use
  • An extensive list of profitable keywords from multiple sources
  • Gain lifetime access for one-time fee pay
  • Overcome Google Keyword Planner and its restriction mode
  • Great time saver by providing a massive list of keywords
  • Get modern keyword phrases


  • Free trial not available
  • It lacks some important features 

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Get started with Keyword Snatcher

If you are living in a competitive business environment, Keyword Snatcher is highly recommended for you.

Online marketers should definitely keep this tool in their tool arsenal.

Since its free trial version s not available, you will have to become a member by registering yourself on a website.

  1. On the website’s official homepage, you will find the member login option in the upper right corner. Just click on it. Register yourself by your e-mail and fill up the signup form
  2. To log in to your account, you have to provide your username and password and get into it.

You can purchase its subscription plan for a one-time fee that is also refundable within one month.

So, you can try out its features for a month to decide whether to work on it further or not.

Alternatives of Keyword Snatcher

A comparison of Keyword Snatcher with some competitors excelling in the market is given below.

The alternatives of Keyword Snatcher include Ubersuggest, Moz Pro, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, and KW Finder.


Ahrefs is an ultimate and worldwide SEO tool for marketing. If you can afford the high investment and are interested in the high-ranking tool, you can choose this toolset.

It comes with a high-cost rate trangingessential between 99 dollars to 999 dollars, which is very expensive for a low-middle business marketer.

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Ubersuggest is the top-notch SEO tool that shows you how to win the game in business marketing and content creating.

Unlike Keyword Snatcher, it only supports the SaaS platform. It does not work on other operating systems such as Windows, Mac, tablets.

So, if you are an android or tablet user, you can avail yourself of the facilities of Ubersuggest. Moreover, its free trial is also available.

Its starting price is 29 dollars per month.

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Google Keyword Planner

Google also provides keyword research tools free of cost known as Google Keyword Planner. You need not spend a penny on it.

It just needs your Google Ads account to get started with it. This tool offers ten keywords per letter search.

It does not provide more keyword suggestions. In my experience, I say that it can never work accurately due to its restriction mode. 

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January Coupons/ Promo Codes/ Discounts

Keyword Snatcher provides giveaways many times a year. In this way, low business marketers easily get benefits from its services within a few dollars.

Currently, this tool is giving a special bonus of 1500 Private Label Rights Article, which is available on their websites.

You can see the details of this bonus on the official website of Keyword Snatcher.  

You will also come to know about the promo codes and offers if you are a member!

Customer Reviews

Jodi Hobbs

“For keyword research, I use only Keyword Snatcher. It gives me a huge and accurate list of keywords.”

TJ Ward

“Different languages in this tool make me SEO trained. I found it superior to Google Keyword Planner.”

Frequently Asked Question

Is a free trial of Keyword Snatcher available?

A free trial is not available, but you can avail of its lifetime offer by a one-time payment.

Is there any promo code currently available?

To know about the promo codes, you should visit the tool’s official website.

How many keywords does it provide?

KW Snatcher provides you hundreds or thousands of keywords per search.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush