Keyword Eye Pricing Review 2022

Keyword Eye isn’t the most popular keyword research and optimization tool but it’s worth knowing about it, especially when you are a small business without a huge budget.

Keyword Eye Review
Keyword Eye Review

This is why we’d like to provide here a Keyword Eye Review: when you don’t have a big budget when you are at the beginning of your online career, you can optimize your resources (and by resources we mean money !) by picking less popular options (in any field) that are just as valid as the famous one.

So, instead of subscribing to SemRush, for example, that can become very expensive, take a look at Keyword Eye!


SEO Tool NameKeyword Eye Review
Plan Start From$44 per month
Key FeaturesKeyword suggestion, Competition Analysis, Tag clouds, Anchor Text Reports, Question finder, Google Analytics Integration
WebsiteClick Here

Keyword Eye Review – what it is?

Keyword Eye Review - what it is?
Keyword Eye Review – what it is?

Keyword Eye is a keyword optimization tool. It can help you set up your SEO in many ways: by analyzing your keywords, suggesting new ones, and by analyzing how your competitors are doing in terms of keyword ranking.

Keyword Eye’s peculiarity is, however, the Cloud tag: it’s a feature that provides keyword search results in a visual way to help stimulate your creativity and come up with new keyword ideas.

To use Keyword Eye you don’t have to install anything on your computer: the software tool is available online.

It’s a web app, that you can simply use in your browser. When you subscribe to the service, you are given a username and password, and you’ll need them to access the platform and start using the tool with no limitations.

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Why Choose Keyword Eye?

At the end of our Keyword Eye review, you’ll find out that Keyword Eye has anything you need to optimize your keywords and come up with your ones. It’s a fundamental tool for your SEO.

However, you’d probably already know that you needed a keyword tool; you also already know that there are tons of tools like this available out there. So, why should you opt for Keyword Eye?

You should opt for it if you are a beginner and you’d like to “see how it goes”: this is because Keyword Eye is cheaper than the majority of the other tools available.

If you have difficulties coming up with keywords and long-tail keywords, this is also the tool for you: the visual interface helps find new opportunities. 

Keyword Eye is particularly suitable for small businesses and freelancers, even those who run activities that aren’t strictly related to the Internet.

If you use your website as a promotional platform, for example, you can still take advantage of the Keyword Eye features. If you run an online business, Keyword becomes, of course, even more important.

Keyword Eye Review – Plans & Pricing

There is only one Keyword Eye plan available if we don’t consider the free trial as “a plan”. Being a free trial, that is, something you can only use for a short period, we can’t consider it as a “free plan”.

The free trial is not a long-term solution: you can consider it as an opportunity to try the software before paying for it, understand whether it can work for you or not, and then make your first payment and keep on exploiting its unlimited features.

So, what do you get with the free trial?

The only limitation of the free trial is time: you can exploit all the software features for a given time, but there are no limitations in them.

You can use the software just as though you’d paid for it. This is a great opportunity to test every feature and understand if they are worth the price, comparing them with the actual use that you’re making of the platform.

For example, if you don’t need some of the features, maybe you want to search for a cheaper keyword search tool that doesn’t have them and you’ll be optimizing the budget!

Keyword Eye Pro

The Pro plan allows exploiting the full power of this keyword tool (See the features section).

There are two payment options and they are worth mentioning because there is a possibility of saving a lot of money.

Keyword Eye Pro costs $44 per month… but you can choose to pay for an entire year (instead of paying month by month) and in this case, you’ll be paying $420, which is, $10 less every month! You could save $120 per year!

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Keyword Eye Tool Review – Pros & Cons


  • Keyword Eye is a very advanced keyword search tool that could be compared with the most famous ones.
  • It provides all the features you need to run the detailed keyword analysis
  • Other than analysis, it has some important creative tools that help come up with new keyword ideas
  • The visual keyword search is an important creative tool. It could also be a fun way of sharing data with collaborators.


  • Keyword Eye doesn’t provide integration with platforms other than Google Analytics. If you use other platforms, that is, you’ll need to open both software on your computer and merge the results manually.
  • There is no live chat support. However, the customer service is provided by email.

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Keyword Eye Review – Features

Keyword suggestion

The keyword suggestion tool allows you to find new keyword opportunities starting from an input.

This is great to come up with successful long-tail keywords that, as you may know, are extremely important for small businesses if they want to be noticed on the world wide web.

Tag clouds

With Keyword Eye you can create tag clouds to visualize your keywords opportunities. Visualizing the opportunities can help you come up with new ideas.

Competition Analysis

Keyword Eye provides an important tool that analyzes your competitors’ domain ranking searches and shows their keyword ranking.

This is an important tool in your hand: by watching your competitors closely, you can learn from them.

Anchor Text Reports

This feature highlights anchor text used for external links to any given domain.

Question finder

A lot of users browse search engines by making specific questions. This is why a tool like the question finder is important: it gathers keyword phrases related to specific questions that are searched frequently.

Google Analytics Integration

Keyword Eye links to your Google Analytics to find existing keyword opportunities.

Keyword Eye Review – Customer Service efficiency

You’ll hardly need support for using Keyword Eye because the platform is super user-friendly. However, you can speak of any issue with the support team by email.

Customer support only provides the email address to handle the issues. Live chats can be quicker, but this is still efficient customer service.

How about training and educational material? Keyword Eye isn’t focused on learning so they don’t provide such resources. 

Keyword Eye Review – the final verdict

Keyword Eye is a very valid option for all freelancers and small businesses that use the internet in any way.

Whether you have a blog, a website, e-commerce, a YouTube channel you need advanced keyword search and analysis to make sure you can beat the competition.

Keyword EYe’s main forte is, however, how it can help you come up with new ideas.

If you are stuck or lack creativity, switching to a tool like this one could make a huge difference!

The visual clouds aren’t the only way this software tool helps your creativity: there are some other suggestion features that are just as important!

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Keyword Eye Review: FAQ

Is Keyword Eye cheaper than any alternative available?

Keyword Eye isn’t the absolute cheapest option out there. We’ve spoken about a cheap keyword tool, because – comparing it with other advanced tools with similar features – it has a lower cost.

Of course, you’ll be able to find even cheaper options, but they’ll not be as advanced as Keyword Eye.

How can I start using Keyword Eye?

If this is the first time using Keyword Eye, we recommend trying the free trial.

It’s free and it’s important that you become familiar with the platform before paying a subscription, especially if you opted for the yearly one.

To start your free trial, go to the Keyword Eye website, and click on start your free trial. Here, you are provided with a username and password.

This is it! ou can now begin exploiting all the Keyword Eye features.

If you like the platform, at the end of the free trial, you can proceed with the payment ad keep on using it. If you don’t like it, your account will be blocked.

Can I keep exploiting the free trial?

This is not a sustainable option. After the end of the free trial, if you don’t pay for the subscription, your account is blocked and you won’t be able to access the platform.

You could try using several accounts, but the platform usually recognizes the IP addresses.

Furthermore, this won’t be honest behavior. Being this affordable and this advanced, Keyword Eye is worth a paid subscription.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush