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Jaaxy Pricing
Jaaxy Pricing

Finding a perfect keyword for your page or blog is quite difficult! But what if you have a keyword researcher for you! This keyword research will help you find the best pick for your page!

Jaaxy is one perfect SEO tool that provides you with about 500 million different types of keywords daily to help you with the growth of your website.

It is a one-stop shop for website owners who want to rank their content in the top ten search results on google’s first page. Keywords are just a tiny thing this platform has to provide you with.

There are countless other options that you can avail yourself of, like site ranking statistics, best niche to go for, and domains for you in a matter of seconds. 

It was founded by Kyle and Carson affiliate marketers who were struggling with choosing the right keywords and thus developed a platform of their own that has helped them and all the other online working communities.

Their experience has made the tool the best of them all. It has been titled the most advanced keyword research tool as it has an accuracy and search coverage of a whooping 99.7 percent.

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SEO Tool NameJaaxy
FoundedIn late 2017
Plan Start From$49 per Month
WebsiteClick Here

Key Features 0f Jaaxy

Key Features 0f Jaaxy
Key Features 0f Jaaxy
  • Up to date traffic statistics.
  • Keywords research
  • Niche Insights
  • Competitor Spying
  • Site Ranking
  • Variety of Domains


Jaaxy has a great set of features that makes it stand out. Some of the key features are given below;

High in demand Keywords

Jaaxy, an incredible tool, assists the online working community with the best keywords that take their website’s traffic from zero to millions.

It has outdone all other similar tools by serving thousands of users with billions of high-in-demand keywords within just seconds.

It is of great help to affiliate marketers, bloggers, big brands, enterprises, agencies, entrepreneurs, SEO gurus, digital marketers, and website owners, providing them with easy access to top-notch keywords.

Spy your Competitors

Jaaxy is said to be a bit on the pricier side, but considering the services it provides and the quality they possess, the price seems very little in front of them.

This feature allows you to spy on your competitor’s reach so that you can take it constructively and work harder for your website by utilizing Jaaxy.

Using this tool, you can save your time as Jaaxy provides you with a thorough insight into;

  • successful websites
  • keyword density
  • meta tags 
  • alexa ranks and 
  • backlink updates 

Traffic Statistics

You can constantly keep an eye on the highs and lows of the website’s traffic. It gives you daily/  weekly/ monthly analysis reports to track the progress.

Site Ranking

How far your website is from reaching the first page of the google search engine is what jaaxy constantly makes you aware of.

It also helps you distinguish between the activities that help rank your site and those that do not contribute.

Jaaxy shows your site’s progress on three different browsers, i.e., Yahoo, Google, and Bing. 

Built-in Domain Portfolios

Jaaxy allows you to find available domains in an instant. Using the tool, you can instantly purchase the desired domain and start working right away. 

Niche Opportunity

Niche opportunity is another state-of-the-art feature of the Jaaxy. It gives you an idea of how much demand is there for your website’s niche.

It can also tell you about the future of that particular niche by giving you a drive through the hottest trends so that you can make the right move and pick the right money-making niche for your website. 

The alphabet soup feature of the tool has made the research easier by manifolds.

You can have hundreds of keywords that you can then use for your SEO or PPC campaigns by just one search.

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Pricing of Jaxxy

Free Jaaxy Plan

Cost: Dollar 0

Like any other paid application or tool, Jaaxy also provides its user with a free trial option that is not specific for a time but has a limited number of options.

Users can try every option to test the features, which surely lure them in, and they can not help but end up buying the monthly subscription.

The trial plan offers you 30 search queries. It could be anything like keywords, alphabet soup, search analysis, affiliate programs, e.t.c. 

Pro Jaaxy Plan

Cost: Dollar 49 per month

JAaxy pricing is known for its reasonability. This plan is made with an affordable range for newbie users who can not pay more than that.

This plan lasts for a month. Jazzy has not yet come up with the quarterly, six months or yearly plans.

This subscription will provide you with all the features from the free trial along with some extras like

  • 3x faster research compared to the free one.
  • Endless keyword searches.
  • QSR Keyword competition.
  • Availability of domain
  • SEO analysis.
  • Site Ranking.
  • Keyword lists management.
  • Brainstorm feature.
  • To-do lists arrangement.
  • Two concurrent search tabs option.
  • Spying your competitor’s analysis.

Enterprise Jaaxy Plan

Cost: Dollar 99 per month

And then there is the last option to go for that has the most features. It is costlier as well as better than others.

This plan is super powerful and works efficiently. It is formulated for avant-garde users. It saves the time of the users while assisting them with the unique features.

Along with all that you can get through the pro version, you will get:

  • Instant domain-related information.
  • Up to fifty alphabet soup results.
  • Can use five different tabs at a time.
  • Sort your data, e.t.c.

Pros and Cons of Jaaxy


  • Super easy to use.
  • Works as fast as lightning.
  • The data provided is highly accurate.
  • Valid for all types of online working people.
  • No download or installation is required.
  • Good with any device.
  • Known for its alphabet soup and brainstorm


  • It cannot fix a target audience.
  • We can not be change language.
  • Some features are useless.
  • Advanced, in-depth analysis, backlinking, and monitoring limitations.

Get started with Jaaxy

Now that you have made up your mind to try Jaaxy out, you can join the platform and sign up to avail of the trial plan.

There is no hard and fast rule and processes to begin.

  • On Jaaxy’s website home page, you will find the signup/ login option in the top right corner.
  • Clicking the signup option will take you to another window.
  • The website will ask you about the plan you want to join.
  • As a beginner, if you pick the trial plan, they will ask you for your name, email, and password to make your account.
  • And then, you can enjoy the first 30 searches before you are asked to pay for the pro subscription plan.

Jaaxy Alternative

KW finder, ahrefs, and Ubersuggest are a few tools that sometimes give a tough time to Jaaxy’s audience.

Jaaxy is superior to them in the number of features, and the essential thing that makes it outshine is its speed of working and showing results.

KW Finder

KW finder is a keyword research tool that mainly focuses on long-tail keywords. It gives you a ten-day free trial period to test its features.

It can provide you what you are looking for in any given language. Its plans are slightly cheaper than Jaaxy, with the monthly premium package at just 40 dollars.

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Ahrefs is the easiest platform to use. If you are a newbie, it is for you. It gives a week-long free trial period.

Ahrefs is on the pricier side with packages ranging from 100 dollars to about 1000 dollars. It is so helpful with online businesses that make you addict.

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Ubersuggest is a competitive tool with reasonable pricing. It has similar features but is quite challenging to understand.

Overall, the tool is cheap, with its packages starting from 12 dollars to a maximum of 40 dollars per month.

Unfortunately, you will have to take a tutorial every time you try out a new feature.

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January Coupon/Promo Code/ Discount

Jaaxy provides its users with many options to avail themselves of discounts and several coupon codes that give them a few percent off on the total bill.

It usually has special 60% off offers for its June and January clients.

Moreover, it also gives discounts for distinct categories and coupon codes like free delivery, e.t.c. To stay notified about any of such upcoming offers, you can join the free newsletter of jaaxy.

PackageActual PriceOffer
Jaaxy StarterFree (0$/ month)Sign-up to get 30 searches free
Jaaxy Pro$19/ monthSave $29 on a yearly plan
Jaaxy Enterprise$49/ monthSave $89 on an annual plan

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Jaaxy Customer Reviews

Chloe Gabriel

“I found it super efficient and suitable for value. As a full-time affiliate marketer, I must say it has made my website a money-making machine. I would highly recommend it to my fellow online workers.” 

Dansie Hilde

“I’m a wealthy affiliate member, and I love using Jaaxy for keywords. Every time I write an article for my website, I can’t write one without doing some research on Jaaxy.”


Can I get a five-monthly package?

No, you can not. You can purchase a subscription per month or for a year.

How can I sign up for free?

You can sign up with jaaxy free of cost by providing your credentials on the website and avail yourself of a free trial.

Why should I choose Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is among the top five keyword research tools. It is the most accurate and fastest.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush