GetKeywords Pricing – Should you roll with it?

GetKeywords is a keyword research and market analysis tool built to help you with local SEO keywords.

Developers also launched this tool in 2015 to assist you in doing more detailed and accurate SEO keyword research for your niche.

This SEO tool is used by a lot of marketers and SEO professionals all over the world. For beginners especially, it is the best tool to find exact keywords for their niche.

It helps you focus on the next generation of keyword research with audience insight and intent-based keyword suggestions to get what is wanted with less effort.

It also presents easier to browse data.

You can get results down to the country, state, or city level when you type in your keyword.

It provides data from more than 100k locations with a particular target to certain major cities. It also provides robust data with a lot of metrics and charts.

The single dashboard will also provide you with all the metrics saving you from the hassle of scrolling.

GetKeywords Pricing
GetKeywords Review


SEO Tool NameGetKeywords
Founded In2015
Plans start from$24.00 per month
WebsiteClick Here

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Key Features Of GetKeywords

Key Features Of GetKeywords

Thousands of keywords ideas

GetKeywords will help you find thousands of keywords with simplified and accurate data. You can get enough keywords for your website.

Moreover, you will never find this tool restricted to several keyword suggestions.

It will provide you with an updated list of relatable keywords that will help your website rank on the first page.

This will increase your traffic; you and you will see magnificent results.

This tool helps get Google Adwords keywords; Amazon suggests keywords and advertiser’s keywords and also displays people or companies doing their ads for the exact targeted keywords.

With the help of this, you can adjust your plan to get more traffic.

Easy Interface

The dashboard of Getkeywords is easy and simplified. You only need to enter your keyword and click on the search button.

It will provide you with all the related keywords, locations, domains, and filters. Also, a single dashboard shows all the essential and related metrics with less scrolling.

Your single click will open a collection of keywords with no more scary and complex formulas.

It will be easy for you to get maximum related keywords on a single page without wasting time scrolling.

Provides Real-Time Data

For a blogger, it is necessary to access real-time data for the content. If the data will be 2 to 3 months old, it is of no use as it changes continuously.

GetKeywords will provide you with real-time data analysis. It will do so by doing market analysis regularly.

It also assists in changing the alteration in SEO plans instantly. This will significantly impact the traffic to your website.

Shows availability of Domain

GetKeywords will help you in searching keywords with domain research mode, which is unique to this tool.

You will see a keyword-based availability of the domain. GetKeyword also shows an exact match domain as per your keyword.

The exact match domain is necessary because the domain is a significant ranking factor for different search engines.

This will provide you with an additional boost for very low competition niches.

Accurate SERP analysis

You will also get accurate SERP analysis on GetKeyword Tool. It will also provide you with real-time SERP results based on your target location.

Moreover, Getkeyword will identify all the available extracts of content from a web page or google snippets on SERP available on the first page.

You can also check up to 5 SERP pages to get more detailed data and competitor views.

Language Filter

GetKeyword also has a unique feature to find any keyword in any language. You will get an option to select a language for your keyword.

Moreover, to get different kinds of audiences from different areas, you can use this feature of Getkeyword.

You can also easily choose the language and keywords that can help you gain more customers.

This application supports more than 60 languages that can be useful for you to do keyword research for a foreign market.

Location Filter

GetKeyword enables you to get keywords for your target location.

This tool has every location covered with the most accurate metrics and domains to help you understand your local audience.

GetKeyword has more than 100k locations. You can do so by putting the filter of your location, which is the name of your country or city. With this tool, you can also find Global keyword metrics as well.

It can also give you the top 5 locations in any country or state from where you can check the masses of the target audience belong.

You will also be amazed to know that this is the single tool providing you with this unique feature for your blogging and to get the highest traffic at your website.

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Pricing of GetKeywords

Pricing Of GetKeywords
GetKeyword Pricing

It provides you with three pricing plans;

Startup plan

  • If you want a monthly plan, you would have to pay 39 dollars a month. You would benefit from searching 25 keywords per day, with 50 SERP searches, and getting up to 700 keyword suggestions.
  • You would also have to pay 24 dollars per month for the annual plan to get all the benefits mentioned above.

Growth plan

  • The per month option of the growth plan requires you to pay 49 dollars a month. You can do 100 keyword searches every day, 200 SERP searches, and up to 1500 keyword suggestions.
  • If you choose to pay at once for the whole year, you will be charged 29 dollars per month and avail of all the benefits mentioned earlier.

Executive plan

  • The monthly cost for this plan is 69 dollars a month. With this, you can get 500 keyword searches for a day, 1000 SERP searches, and up to 1500 keyword suggestions. Three simultaneous logins are allowed.
  • For the annual plan, you would also have to pay 39 dollars per month and get all the above benefits.

Free trial

GetKeywords offers a 7-day free trial for its users to test its features before making a purchase.

Pros and cons of Getkeywords


  • Ability to do keyword researches by country, state, and cities.
  • Straightforward dashboard and also a mobile-friendly tool.
  • Provides real-time data with varied data sources.
  • Advanced metrics, top locations, and also advertiser keywords are present.
  • Shows a large number of related keywords list.
  • Extensive and accurate SERP analyses are available.


  • It is not unlimited. Plans are also limited and limited keywords and SERP analysis count are present.
  • Does not provide advanced backlink data.
  • The tool is buggy sometimes.

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Get started with GetKeywords

No signup is required for Getkeywords. Just open the website, type your target keyword, and just like that, it will show you results.

GetKeywords fetches the data from Google, and also the single dashboard shows you all the crucial metrics.

Moreover, you can filter your search result according to your requirement. You can save them, too, as it provides you with an option of saving the list of best keywords.

GetKeywords Alternatives


CheckMark is a customer experience survey software. It also has shareable reports and a straightforward dashboard.

Its pricing plan starts from 150 dollars per month. It is the best app for market research and advertising products, but it is costlier than Getkeywords.


By using SEMrush, you can understand your competitor’s strategies with various details.

Moreover, it can conduct organic research with the use of advanced tools. Its pricing plan starts from 99 dollars per month.

It provides backlink features, but its cost is higher than Getkeywords.

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Ahrefs is an SEO tool that enables website owners to grow traffic on the website.

The comprehensive database of keywords stands at 3 Billion. It is also running the world’s most extensive index of live backlinks.

It also has a pricing plan that starts from 99USD, which makes it out of budget for many bloggers.

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Coupons/Promo codes and discounts

Currently, Getkeywords is offering you a coupon of 30% off. This is the best coupon out of 6 active coupons. Moreover, you can find all of them on the website.

Also, to activate your GetKeywords coupon, click on it to unveil the code. Avail yourself of this offer before it is taken down.

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Customers Reviews

Utsav Chopra

“GetKeywords is an essential and easy-to-use tool for SEO. It is accurate and proper support is provided whenever you have a problem.”

Shafiul K

“GetKeywords has a great feature that allows you to see keyword popularity among the devices along with cities. In addition to that, there is a great amount of data source.”

Ken W

“Comfortable to use dashboard and mobile-friendly tool.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we find top keywords os a specific city or country?

Yes, you can also find top keywords by city or country by using the Getkeywords tool.

Is there any free trial?

Yes, there is also an option of a free trial for seven days.

Does Getkeywords entertain a language filter?

Yes, you can put a language filter too. Moreover, you can find any keyword in any language by using this feature.

Which type of keywords does it provide?

It provides advertiser keywords, Google Adwords keywords, Google suggests keywords, and also amazon suggests keywords.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush


Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush