10 Best Keyword Research Tool In 2022 – Reviewed Feedbacks

Keywords are really important in today’s digital world. It does not matter if you are an SEO expert, a digital marketer, an influencer, a content creator, or a small business starting online;

You still need a good SEO tool to optimize campaigns, target your audience, and grow your business.

These tools can help you keep an eye on your competitors, too, so that you are always on the safe side. 

In the article Best Keyword Research Tool, we have mentioned a list of top 10 Research Tools.




  • Intensive Keyword Research
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Detailed Information About Visitors
  • One-Stop Solution for SEO

We have done in-depth research on all the leading keyword tools and shortlisted the ten best keyword research tools for you.

All of them are similar yet different from each other in various ways.

From their features and pricing to pros and cons everything is discussed in detail to assist you in picking the best tool for your business.

Here are our top 3 Super Effective Keyword Research tools :

1. Semrush Best Overall
2. KwFinderBest For Finding Long-tail Keywords
3. Keyword Tool DominatorBest For Finding New Trending Keywords 

1. Semrush


Semrush is another SEO tool. It was created in 2008, and in the present day, it is one of the world’s leading competitive research tools used for marketing.

SEMrush helps many different businesses and creators optimize their budgets and get the maximum visibility possible on online platforms.

Its wide variety of data enables its users to create and seize new growth opportunities, allowing them to experiment and track their progress.

This tool is best for marketing firms and professionals. 

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  • SEMrush is one leading tool because it lets its users do comprehensive keyword research and lookup domain analytics.
  • Also lets you separately look up the audience from the mobile and PC and target your preferred audience according to your needs.
  • It also helps its users with backlink tracking.

Pricing Plans

  • SEMrush offers a free seven-day trial period.
  • Pro costs 119.95 USD per month or 99.95 USD per month if you pay annually
  • Guru costs 229.95 USD per month or 191.62 USD per month if you pay annually.
  • Business 449.95 USD per month or 374.95 USD per month if you pay annually.

Pros and Cons


  • Gives you highly accurate data. 
  • Allows you to analyze the backlink data of any website. 
  • It allows you to spy on 5 competitors at the same time.
  • This allows you to track the progress of your keywords.
  • Gives you monthly reports of your content. 


  • Is a lot more expensive than its alternatives
  • There are some errors in its reports
  • This is a bit difficult to use and understand compared to its alternatives.
  • It is sometimes a bit slow. 

2. KWFinder


KWFinder is an SEO tool created by the Mangools in 2014; It has been one of the top SEO tools since its creation. This tool is for small businesses and online marketers. 

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  • It has 2.5 billion keywords in its database, and they add almost 2 million keywords to its database every month.
  • Also has 100 million keywords of the competitor websites.
  • Covers 52 countries.
  • Mangools also regularly update KWFinder; they add new tools and improve their previous tools.
  • It helps you find Hidden Long Tail Keywords.
  • Has a very simple and convenient user interface, making it very easy to understand and use. 

Pricing Plans

  • Basic: It will cost you 49 USD per month or 29.90 USD per month if you pay annually.
  • Premium: It will cost you 69 USD per month or 90 USD per month if you pay annually.
  • Agency: It will cost you 129 USD per month or 79.90 USD per month if you pay annually. 

Pros and Cons


  • KWFinder has a great graphic user interface.
  • It is very user-friendly. 
  • Pricing plans are cheaper compared to others.


  • It lacks some features which its competitors provide. 
  • Does not allow you to do research on multiple tabs.

3. Ahrefs


Let us start with Ahrefs; it is an amazing SEO tool with a lot of great features. Founded by Dmitry in 2010, the tool has improved tremendously since then.

It is best for those who have a little bit of experience with similar tools. Those whose businesses have just started growing should definitely go for it. It is best for marketing firms and professionals. 

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  • It has a huge database. It crawls and collects data from more than 5 million pages per minute.
  • Covers the search index data of more than 115 countries.
  • Apart from that, Ahrefs also allows you to audit your site; this feature not only lets you see how your content is doing but also what is negatively impacting your content.

Pricing Plans

You can get a trial version which will cost 7 USD for seven days.

  • Lite: It will cost you 99 USD per month if you pay monthly and 82 USD if you pay yearly.
  • Standard: It has the price of 179 USD per month if you pay monthly and 149 USD if you pay yearly
  • Advanced: It will cost 399 USD per month if you pay monthly and 332 USD if you pay yearly.
  • Agency: It costs around 999 USD per month if you pay monthly and 832 USD if you pay yearly.

Pros and Cons


  • It is easy to track your progress with Ahrefs
  • Keeps you notified of your competitor’s performance
  • Gives you suggestions on how to improve your content.


  • It is a bit difficult to use.
  • Is a lot more expensive compared to its competitors
  • Some people may find the dashboard to be overcrowded.

4. Jaxxy


Jaxxy is another amazing SEO tool. Kyle and Carson created this tool because they could not find an SEO tool with the right features.

They created Jaxxy in 2017, and because of their insights, Jaxxy became one of the leading SEO tools in the market.

The reason for Jaxxy being among the ten best keyword research tools is discussed below. This tool is best for small businesses. 

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  • Jaxxy gives you more than 500 million keywords every day.
  • It has a great accuracy of search coverage at 99.7 percent.
  • Jaxxy has a Niche Opportunity feature; it lets you check out the amount of audience there is for the type of content you are creating and whether the amount of audience will increase in the future or decrease.

Pricing Plans

  • It provides a free trial option; the trial plan offers you 30 search queries.
  • Pro Plan costs 49 USD per month.
  • Enterprise Plan costs 99 USD per month. 

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use.
  • Gives fast results
  • Provides highly accurate data.
  • It does not need to be downloaded or installed to use it.
  • Can be used on any device.
  • Is famous for brainstorming and alphabet soup features


  • Cannot fix a target audience.
  • Language can not be changed.
  • Some of its features may be considered useless.
  • Has some limitations regarding in-depth analysis, backlinking, and monitoring.

5. Ubersuggest


Now comes the Ubersuggest, which is also another awesome SEO tool that was founded in 2010. It is an all-in-one tool created for multitaskers.

Neil Patel created this tool to help deserving websites and content marketers to grow their businesses and promote their content.

It has a shattering success rate which led it to be featured in Forbes Magazine, one of the leading American business magazines. It is best for amateurs and beginners. 

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  • The regular Rank Tracking feature lets you keep track of the keywords you use or any other keywords.
  • It is very user-friendly, which means you do not need a geek to understand and use this SEO tool. With that,
  • It gives you fast results and simplified metrics which are easy to keep track of.
  • Ubersuggest provides you with an option of doing the SEO audit of your site.
  • Domain Overview allows you to get insight into your competitor’s strategies.

Pricing Plans

  • Individual Plan costs 12 USD per month.
  • The business Plan costs 20 USD per month.
  • Enterprise or Agency Plan costs 40 USD per month.

Pros and Cons


  • It is also very easy to use.
  • This is a highly reasonable tool.
  • Gives rapid results and simplified metrics.
  • Its keyword data includes statics about the keyword too.
  • Is great for visual learners.


  • Can not analyze the link profile of a site.
  • Does not always give accurate results.
  • Has some limitations in targeting a specific audience.

6. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of the leading SEO tools out there. Google itself created it in the year 2013, but it decided to redesign it in 2018, changing the whole tool with new and improved features. 

It is one of the front runners of the internet and uses it to promote your business and monetize your content.

It helps its users by creating and posting ad campaigns on its website, search engines, and partnered websites. This is best for beginners in SEO.  

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  • It lets you see the history of any keyword you have wanted for up to the past four years, which means you can easily check out your keywords’ previous trends and performances.
  • Apart from that, you can localize your search volume, meaning that you can look up all the potential audiences in your specific areas.
  • Google is a globalized search engine; it can provide you with the search volume of almost the whole world.

Pricing Plans

  • Another great thing about Google Keyword Planner is that it is completely free; all you need is a Google Ads account to get access to it. 

Pros and Cons


  • Google Keyword Planner is absolutely free.
  • You can look up the search volume of the specific location.
  • It gives you the historical performance of the keyword for up to 4 years.
  • You can search for multiple keywords at the same time.


  • It no longer allows you to separate the mobile and pc audience.
  • Does not notify you of any changes in trends.
  • To have access to it, you need a Google Ads account.

7. RankIQ


RankIQ is an SEO tool that Brandon Gaille created for amateurs. What I mean by the phrase,” it is created for amateurs,” is that it has an AI which collects and analyzes all the data you want and shows it in a rather simplified way which is easier for almost anyone to understand.

Thus, making it one of the most popular SEO tools among people.  It takes all the hard work out of SEO.

It can help you become the top-ranking website on the first page of Google within a month. This tool is best for small agencies. 

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  • It has a great keyword library where you can discover new keywords for your business.
  • Allows you to perform SERP analysis.
  • Helps you use the AI-based content report.

Pricing Plans

  • RankIQ has a base rate of 49 USD per month. It does not have any other subscription plans.

Pros and Cons


  • ‌RankIQ is very user-friendly.
  • ‌It has low-cost pricing plans.
  • ‌Has great customer service.
  • ‌Is very quick and time-saving.


  • ‌It only gives 16 reports per month. 
  • Does not allow you to create your own keywords gallery. 
  • ‌Provides a little too much extra information, which can be overwhelming to some users.

8. GrowthBar


Another on our list of  10 best keyword research tools is GrowthBar. It is an exceptional SEO tool.

It was created by Mark and Hailey 4 years ago just because they wanted to change the world and change their marketing strategies. This tool is best for small businesses. 

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  • It has ultra-fast software which gives you all the data related to your keywords in a matter of seconds.
  • Also allows you to spy on your competitors using the backlink data, keywords they use, their ad information, and all the related insights.
  • Lets you search long-tail keywords and
  • Gives you the most accurate keyword difficulty ranking.

Pricing Plans

GrowthBar offers you a free 5-day trial

  • Standard costs 48 USD per month or 29 USD per month if you pay annually.
  • Pro costs 99 USD per month or 79 USD per month if you pay annually.
  • Agency costs 199 USD per month or 129 USD per month if you pay annually.

Pros and Cons


  • Its browser extension is really fast. 
  • Provides you with all the relevant data you need. 
  • There are no limits to keyword research. 


  • Does not give you any difficulty ratings for the keywords.
  • Is suitable for simple SEO projects only
  • Backlink monitoring is not the best. 

9. Moz Keyword Explorer


Moz Keyword Explorer is once again another SEO tool. Moz Keyword Explorer was the first and still is one of the most trusted tools out there.

It was created by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in 2004. Moz Keyword Explorer is the exact interpretation of thinking out of the box. This tool is best for professionals. 

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  • It has a highly diverse keyword library.
  • The Organic CTR feature tells you the amount of audience you can expect from your chosen keywords.
  • It is very easy to use.

Pricing Plans

  • Moz Keyword Planner comes with the whole SEO software, and you cannot use it alone. The pricing plan that includes the Moz Keyword planner costs 179 USD. Moz also provides free 30 days trial period.

Pros and Cons


  • Has a great competitor analysis tool.
  • Helps you improve your content. 
  • It helps you keep track of keywords.
  • Helps you understand and track the response of your audience. 


  • Is a bit difficult to use. 
  • Has fewer features compared to what other tools are providing. 
  • Does not always give you accurate data. 

10. Long Tail Pro

 Long Tail Pro
Long Tail Pro

Last but not least on our list of 10 best keyword research tools is Long Tail Pro. It is a powerful keyword research tool developed by Spencer Haws about five years ago.

It changed the market of search engine optimization. The tool is best for professionals. 

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  • You can get more than 400 long-tail keywords just by typing in one seed keyword.
  • It suggests the data that can attract the highly convertible organic audience. 
  • It lets you skip all the analyzing and calculation of numbers and gives you the keywords that are proven to work. 

Pricing Plans

  • It also offers you a seven-day free trial.
  • Starter costs 37 USD per month or 24.75 USD per month if you pay annually.
  • Pro costs 67 USD per month or 44.75 USD per month if you pay annually.
  • Agency costs 147 USD per month or 98.03 USD per month if you pay annually.

Pros and Cons


  • It allows you to track the ranks of your keywords with almost 100% accuracy. 
  • Allows you to do competitor analysis. 
  • Provides you with a lot of suggestions for your keywords. 


  • The tool has a lot of bugs. 
  • It allows only five seed keywords at a time
  • The user interface is not good. 


These are the ten best keyword research tools, in my opinion. What’s really best for you comes up to what you want and what your budget is.

Most of these tools provide free trials; I would suggest maybe trying the ones that do provide a free trial and choose the one which suits your needs and your budget.

I hope this list gives you an overview of what these tools are. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which one of these is the cheapest keyword research tool?

Google Keyword Planner, as it is absolutely free to use.

Which keyword research tool would be best for beginners?

I would suggest trying out with Google Keyword Planner to get the hang of it and then move you to more complex tools. 

What is the best keyword research tool for an agency?

Ahrefs would best keyword research tool for agency and marketing professionals.