Ahrefs And Majestic Alternatives: A Price Comparison

Ahrefs and Majestic are the two most sought-after SEO tools. Which is the best option? This post will analyze and compare their best features to help you choose the best SEO tool.

SEO is a vital strategy for any online business. Choosing the best SEO tool is one of the most crucial factors that can assist you in achieving your goals.

Without any further delay, let’s look at the pros and cons, and exceptional features of both the SEO tools to help you pick the better option.

Ahrefs vs. Majestic 
Ahrefs vs. Majestic 

What is Ahrefs?

Ahref is considered to be the best versatile SEO service available. Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool. It has many features which make it a safe and reliable method.

It provides a toolbox of notable features like Site Audit, Rank Tracker, Content Explorer, Keywords Explorer, and Site Explorer. Ahref constantly works on updating and improving additional features. 

Moreover, It provides you with the opportunity to create backlinks and informs you about the URLs, redirects, duplicate content, and other problems that might be regarded as harmful to your website.

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What is Majestic?

Majestic SEO software tool specializes in backlink checking and link analysis. It is one of the best web-based search engine optimization tools with the best backlink index.

It dates back to 2011, which is why it is considered the biggest commercially accessible backlink index.

However, it does not provide access to keyword data including projected keyword monthly searches and keyword volume.

Majestic features a plethora of statistics, visualizations, and analytics that demonstrate their impressive inbound links.

Comparison of different features of Ahrefs and Majestic

Key FeaturesAhrefsMajestic
FlexibilityAll-in-oneAhrefs offers a variety of features:Site AuditContent ExplorerKeywords ResearchAlertsRank TrackerBanklink Checker
IndexesLive(All links are recrawled into index every 15 minutes)Recent(Links stays for 90 days)Historical(All backlinks including deleted links)Fresh(Links seen live in last 3 months)Historic(Also includes deleted links)
Keywords ResearchKeywords ExplorerKeywords CheckerKeywords Generator
Site ExplorerSite Explorer (Backlinks and keyword Rankings)Site Audit(SEO-related problems are scanned automatically)Site ExplorerTrust FlowCitation Flow

Price Comparison


 $99 per month

 $78.99 per month

$179 per month

Resellers(Premium Partners)
$5000 per month

$399 per month

$399.99 per month

$999 per month

$169.99 per month

7-Day Trial:
$7 per week.

Enterprise Plans:
Plan 500 for $799.98 per monthPlan 1000 for $1599.96 per month

Annual Plans:
Personal for $82 per month annually Agency for $832 per month annually

Annual Plans:
Gold for $141.66 per month annuallyPlatinum for $333.33 per month annually

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Which SEO Tool is Less Expensive?

Majestic is cheaper than Ahref. You can save money by using Majestic if all you need is a tool to check backlinks.

Ahrefs is the best of its kind but comparatively very expensive. If your job entails nothing more than checking the backlinks then Majestic would be a cheaper option. 

However, SEO is much more than just creating links.

Anyone with some spare cash should consider adding Ahrefs to their SEO tools that will give them an edge.

Although it is not widely accessible to the typical individual beginning a website, Ahrefs is one of the finest purchases you can make if you have a reasonable SEO budget.

Detailed Comparison of Features


Ahref is an all-in-one SEO tools suite that provides various search engine optimization tools which include, site audit, content explorer, keywords research, notification alerts, and Rand Trackers.

Ahrefs will provide you with all the necessary services required to get your website a high ranking in search engines.

Majestic is not an all-in-one Suite rather it is just a backlink checker. It provides you with information about the backlinks that you are using on your website. It also helps you find authentic backlinks from scam ones. 


Ahref crawlers every link into the index every 15 minutes. The links stay active for 90 days in the Ahrefs database. It also keeps a record of deleted links.

Majestic implements fresh links i.e. links that have been active for 3 months. It also keeps a record of deleted links.

Keywords Research 

Ahrefs uses the Keyword Explorer tool to find suitable keywords for your topics, sub-topics, and tag words. It finds keywords from the library of its own keywords database.

Majestic checks for keywords in different databases and then generates suitable keywords for your topics, subtopics, and tag words. Majestic relies on more than one keywords databases. 

Site Explorer

Ahrefs uses a site crawler and site audit to explore the site in depth is more extensive than majestic. It checks for all the problems that might be keeping your website from getting a higher search engine ranking, therefore, more traffic.

Majestic only checks for citation flow i.e. the number of links used and trust flow i.e. the quality of the backlinks that are used in your website.

It does not dig deep like Ahrefs and provides you with information only about the backlinks.

Pros and Cons of Ahref vs. Majestic

Pros and Cons of Ahrefs


  • Offers a variety of SEO Tools
  • Easily readable reports.
  • Ahref’s Rank Tracker outperforms a typical tracker and offers a huge keyword limit of 20 billion.


  • The entire cost of services is relatively high.
  • The backlink history database is not as vast as Majestic’s.
  • Ahref is unable to locate all backlinks and does not provide complete data.

Pros and Cons of Majestic


  • It is more cost-effective for solving backlinking issues.
  • It provides a comprehensive set of backlinking and analytical tools.
  • Not for beginner SEO users. 
  • Majestic allows you to track multiple domains. The Lost Link Tracker is a great tool for keeping track of dropped links in your project.


  • Data reports are difficult to read and evaluate as it shows an insane quantity of backlinks per site.
  • Only excels in backlinking.

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Ahref VS Majestic – Final Verdict

Which SEO Tool is More Effective?

Both Ahrefs and Majestic have better backlink analysis capabilities than their competitors.

If you want only backlink analysis and require no other SEO service majestic is the best tool as it is more accurate and will give faster results.

However, if you require all or more than one SEO service then Ahrefs is definitely the better option as it is more flexible and will provide you with a variety of other SEO tools along with the backlink analysis tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between majestic and Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tools suite that gives complete search engine optimization services for your websites, while majestic only checks for backlinks authenticity and traffic control over those backlinks. 

Will it be useful to use both tools at once?

It will provide more accurate data if you use both Ahrefs and majestic for backlink analysis but it will not be worth the expense.

The cost is simply more than the benefit of using both these tools.

Which one is more reliable Ahrefs or Majestic?

For Backlink analysis majestic over-performs Ahrefs. It has better and more precise data on trust flow than that of the Ahrefs.

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

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Looking for Best Keyword Research Tool?

You need SEMRush